Why Do Asians Look So Young Sometimes? Or Most Of The Time?

It’s no secret many people of Asian ethnicity look younger beyond their years.

As I’ve written, sometimes this can be a blessing, and sometimes this can be an unwanted trait.

Some Asians hold umbrellas on sunny days in shaded cities to protect themselves from skin damaging UV-rays and maintain a youthful face. Photo: Replacing Ink.

Some Asians hold umbrellas on sunny days in shaded cities to protect themselves from skin damaging UV-rays and maintain a youthful face. Photo: Replacing Ink.

I’m sure many of us have wondered at some point, why, why on earth do Asians look so young? How do they do it? Interestingly enough, a number of Asian lifestyle attributes seemingly explains this Asians-looking-young phenomenon.

The typical Asian diet is arguably one reason why many Asians look young, much younger than Caucasians of the same age as them. A study by Melbourne’s Monash University found Greek-born Australians who consumed more green leafy vegetables, eggplant, garlic, dried fruits and less mono-unsaturated fat, milk and coffee had less skin wrinkling than those who had higher intakes of milk, processed meat, potatoes, cakes and pastries among Anglo-Celtic Australians who lived in sun-exposed places. The former foods are major components of Asian diets.

For instance, kai lan, bok choy, tofu and eggplant are very popular ingredients in Asian dishes. Preserved and flattened prunes, dates and mangoes are often a hit with many Asian tastebuds with countless shops in Asia solely dedicated to selling them. On the flipside, pasta and potato dishes are staples in the average Western diet. Cheesy ham pizzas, burgers, fish and chips and meat pies are also Western favourites, processed meat favourites. Milky, sweet coffees are widely available and gulped down multiple times in one day in the Western world too.

So perhaps the Asian diet does keep skin wrinkles at bay and Asians are eating their way to a younger them. Perhaps the Western diet makes one look more mature and that’s why Asians tend to look young compared to Caucasians around their age.

Secondly, an estimated 80% of South East Asians suffer from lactose intolerance and don’t stomach dairy products too well. Naturally, those who are lactose intolerant would usually avoid eating foods that are overly laden with cheese and heavily infused with butter and milk. Most likely these Asians stick with the normally low-dairy Asian diet, possibly lowering their chances of getting heaps of wrinkles all over their faces.

Asians’ obsession with pale skin is another valid reason why people of this ethnicity tend to look young. Some of them go to great lengths to look as fair-skinned as Caucasians. On sunny days, it is not uncommon to find Asians wearing wide-brim hats or holding umbrellas over their heads in shaded cities. These are vain attempts on their part to shield themselves from the sun – shielding themselves from UV rays which dry out skin and cause facial lines, freckles and sun spots on skin, making faces look darker and older.

Anti-aging, whitening beauty products are crazily lusted after by quite a number of Asians who believe these chemicals have the magic powers to make skin fairer and more supple, and more youthful looking. Maybe these products do actually work for some Asians.

Still in line with the idea of using artificial means to keep up young appearances, plastic surgery is frequently the answer to attaining youthful faces in Korea. This is especially so in the Korean entertainment industry where standardised forever-21 looks are all the rage. Many K-pop artists strive to look more Western, prettier with smooth and umblemished faces by going under the knife, inadvertedly ending up looking superficially, creepily, doll-like young.

Also, it is fair to say Asians’ generally small physical statures contributes towards their youthful facades. Some petite grown-up Asians are known to fit into kids’ clothing sizes. Sometimes in Western countries where scores of Caucasians vertically tower over them, short, pint-sized Asian adults are even mistaken as children or teenagers.

Exercise arguably contributes to Asians’ small frames. Additionally, studies have shown that exercising slows down the ageing process and reduces wrinkles. In Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, getting around on a daily basis usually involves taking public transport and walking a fair bit. There is the probability such constant physical body movements keep Asians in East Asia small and slim body-wise and also somehow stave off lines across their faces.

So at the end of the day, perhaps there is some science behind why many Asians often look younger than they actually are.

But there are also the odds that Asians are simply lucky and have some undiscovered “youthful gene” in them.

In a world where there are endless possibilities, this might just be so. Why not?

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268 thoughts on “Why Do Asians Look So Young Sometimes? Or Most Of The Time?

  1. Funny article; many points made that are second nature to me (naturally) but it occurs to me that many lo-fans have no idea what you’re talking about. I love your posts; they’re like “Asians for Dummies” stories that characterize the small things about the race.

    Apparently, however, you have not met many New York Chinese people; Diane’s uncle, nice as he is, looks like he swallowed a spare tire even if he is Asian. While some of the qualities you mention are in fact true for all Asians, living in North America overrules genetics for about half the population, most of which live on the east coast. Oddly, New Yorkers walk more than any other Americans but their diet keeps them from looking like the Hong Kong Chinese people.

    I love your blog; if there was an award for best ethnic blog, I’d nominate you in a second, Is there one?

    The white Jewish guy and his Chinese wife

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    • “Asians for Dummies.” I like that. Never thought of my posts that way, but so true. In a way, I see writing about these kinds of topics a way for me to have a closer look at my heritage, and how it contrasts with the Western way of life in Australia.

      You are right. I haven’t met any Chinese New York folk. Interesting to hear about Diane’s dad. It could be the food and lifestyle over there that contradicts the arguments in my post. Also, maybe the colder it gets, the more people eat and climate-wise, Western countries tend to be way colder than Asian cities on average throughout the year.

      Thank you, the two of you are very kind. You really don’t have to. I don’t know of much blog competitions out there. There’s a national Australia one coming up soon, and voting is only open to Aussie residents 😀

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  2. Hi, I want to add something about the last sentences. I believe that there is a youthful gene in Asians. My ancestors are Crimmean Tatar, they moved to Turkey before the first world war.
    I and my mother look 10 years younger than our age, my grandparents were so too. Im 34 years old, but look like 24. I was much more like a Japanese when i was a kid, people were asking if Im Japanese.

    So I live in a sunny country, I dont use a sun umbrella and I dont have an Asian diet, but Im still an Asian, I have an Asian beard, black eyes and hair. Only difference is Im longer and bigger than a standart Asian, (1,88 metres and 86 kilograms) I think this is about the easy agriculture and food production in Turkey. Because of this, I believe the nature favors Asians:)

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    • That very interesting to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. It must have been amusing for you when people were asking you if you’re Japanese.

      Maybe you do have the youthful Asian gene and it’s been passed down in your family. “nature favors Asians” I like that statement 🙂


      • Thank you:) Yes it was funny, people were calling me Toranaga (a character in the Shogun TV series)
        A weird fact in Turkey is, Anatolian Turks call themselves as the grandchildren of Asian Turks. But I read that only %7 of the population have Asian genetics in Turkey. And this is a Middle East country, I dont see much Asian type looking people.

        Turkish nationalism and patriotism is at top degree here, but they dont know anything about their real past, they also dont want to learn/read any extra thing, Im really sorry about Turkey’s people.


        • So interesting that you were named after a TV character. You must resemble that character somewhat 🙂

          Sometimes having the Asian gene doesn’t mean we’ll look Asian, especially if we come from a mixed heritage or culture. Maybe having Asian generics in Turkey isn’t a widely known fact, so people tend not to be interested in it. But who knows, maybe one day they will.


        • I’ve heard it said that over 50% ( and the % may actually be higher, i can’t remember properly) of men – that is the males of the human species – WORLDWIDE- have DNA which shows they are descendants of Chingis Khan ( Genghis Khan) !!

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          • This can be true, because Genghis’s army was a group of barbarian looters and they raped millions of innocent women in the known part of that time’s world. From Asia to Middle East, Eastern Europe and to the Baltic sea shores.

            This is a very big area, and there was another barbarian invasion Attila the Hun at AD 400. His army was Asian too. I didnt read their full story, but some of their raiders attacked Western Europe too.

            I mean, as you mentioned so many humans can carry Tatar/Asian genes in their DNA, but its visible effect on today’s people should be very small percentage, because those incidents happened nearly 1000-1500 years ago. Many generations passed and other DNAs mixed in todays people’s DNA pool.

            And… Is it sunny there now in the Southern Hemisphere? It is freezing here in Western Turkey. Another cold weather wave is also coming from Balkans tonight :(( I want the April coming faster!!1 🙂
            ( btw sorry for my poor English, this is not my mother language)

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            • Insightful comment. DNA does get mixed over time, and when it gets mixed, it evolves. It’s such a complex thing, and so it’s hard for science to keep up – and to go back in time to figure out what DNA the human species carried back then.

              It’s summer here in the southern hemisphere. I hope it will get warmer for you soon, change of seasons is less than a month away. You English is great, I understood your comment. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


              • hi,, yes interesting comments, DNA does morph over time and we are never victims of our DNA anyhow. that said, Chinghis Khan contributed a lot to the world and is usually simply maligned in the west. Everyone, every country, invaded other countries during that time and there is still plenty of rape and pillage going on in the world today unfortunately. patriarchal attitudes towards women are in all cultures, sadly.

                that said, Chinghis Khan developed the worlds’ first postal service, and was the world’s first example of a religiously tolerant leader. he invited many of the world’s religious leaders into his camp to debate spiritual matters.

                his ramie’s did invade, but then so did many others. he only wanted to trade – when other countries engaged in trade the mongolians did not invade. yes, there were terrible things done, but comparatively to that time he was a visionary leader, if you want to read more about him I suggest you check out Jack Weatherward’s books.

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                • Debbie, I have respect to your thoughts but I think differently.
                  Genghis was a visionary leader for his time, thats ok. But Alexander the great, Julius Ceasar, some Roman emprerors, some of the middle age kings, Napoleon, even Hitler were visionary leaders for their times.

                  They did so many things for their people and their technology. (You can check Nazi military technology) They made it for being more stronger and invading more places with this power, ruining more lives.
                  They were still barbarians and they ruined millions of poor people’s lives, killed them and sold them to slavery.

                  And Yes, Genghis had some religious tolerant. Because he had to.
                  He had so many different culture soldiers in his army.
                  He invaded very big areas and people from different cultures and religions were under his iron fist as soldier or as villager.
                  If he had pushed those humans a little more, he couldnt stop an uprising against himself.

                  So he didnt touch people’s beliefs, because believers trust to God and always waits something to happen from God/Gods. A dictator can more easily governs religious people. (I live in Turkey with Erdogan party and can see this with my own eyes)

                  And yes Genghis developed the first postal service, but only for military purposes. His army were fully mobile and the Surprise Factor was their main weapon. That postal service and his spies were the core of today’s Spy Networks.

                  Im genetically half Tatar, but i still hate Genghis and the other dictators because of their sins against humanity. If a man is bad, than he’s bad, I cant forgive his badness because he or his men invented a stronger weapon or smt…

                  If someone invents a new medical technology or a construction technology or smt that makes people’s lives better and easier, thats ok. But men like Genghis invented those things just for more power.

                  (Mabel, I hope it gets warmer asap:))

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                  • hi Koray, thanks for your reply. I understand and respect your thoughts to and understand how due to your heritage you could have that feeling, and that is very valid. I’ll think carefully about altering my opinions.
                    However I do believe Temujin himself has been vilified by western history. Ive been to Mongolia where he is still worshipped as a great unifier.
                    the point about the postal service for military use is very very valid – however many inventions were invented – and unfortunately still are – for such use. but i agree, doesn’t excuse the excesses of violence.
                    A thought provoking comment, thank you.

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                    • Thanks:)
                      And if we continue to reply on the same post, it will be like a pyramid. I cant read my last post on iPad. it is too narrow, each line has only a few words lol

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  3. At my part I am a pure south east asian with chinese american spanish heritage, I look kind of chinese with a spanish surname trust me everybody in school can’t believe I have an accent especially when I speak english they felt like I am really good at speaking in english.

    One day they ask me if what I put on my skin and told them just a normal soap and taking bath two times a day. I guess it’s all about the life style of people, I notice too that I look younger than my friends with the same age as me but I think they age enough from the years we’ve never met .

    I ate only natural foods, fruits and vegetables.

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    • That is interesting to hear, Sen. Maybe eating healthy, natural foods and having a less stressful lifestyle does make some of us seem younger than how old we are. Or it could be pure luck…you just never know.

      I hope the attention you get from people in school isn’t too much of a bother. They sound like a very curious bunch.


  4. HI Mabel, and all, I agree, a lot to do with diet, staying out of the sun, and probably
    DNA morphed from 5,000 years of rice eating. I have read some stuff though about the actual genetic differences between Caucasions and Asians… i find it amusing that in China everyone is doing their best to use whitening products to make their skin whiter and in Australia everyone is busy going to the beach to get browner skin! I guess the same goes for curly haired people who straighten their hair and straight haired people who make theirs curly!
    Humans are never satisfied!

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    • It is fascinating how DNA changes over time and passed down from generation to generations. Diet and the food we eat essentially nourish our bodies and cells, and that in turn probably impacts DNA in some way. Same goes with how our bodies react to sunlight and the air around us.

      The phenomenon of being obsessed with our skin colour and looking young is a funny one. There’s so much more to life than looks.


  5. Why did you censor my post? I gave a scientific argument on why specifically east asians look young. It is because of neoteny, or in other words advanced evolution.

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    • Not too sure what happened to your comment. Comments with two or more links or containing certain words go to the spam folder and are then deleted automatically, as well as comments where the author has copied a significant amount of text from another site.

      But that is a good point you bring up – neoteny. And it is certainly a valid argument to this topic. Human evolution has come along way, and science has advanced so far that we can go under the knife to look much younger. Over time, we’ve retained various features of our ancestors (or maybe the previous species), and there’s always the possibility that us humans today retain younger-looking features and genes as we procreate and the world turns.


    • Thank you! Haha, it really is funny how we want to be older and look older when we’re young. I feel the same way too now that I’m in my 20s. Loving the youthful looks (still) but wishing I had more of that teenage energy!

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  6. I don’t know what it is — possibly a combination of all the factors above — but I tested Microsofts “How old do I look?” gizmo on Facebook with my Chinese mother-in-law’s picture. Microsoft says she’s twenty years younger than she is. Meaning we look almost the same age.

    Of course, the app also said I was male.

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    • That is hilarious! I’ve seen that test floating around, haven’t tried it yet. Don’t know if I will…and the app saying you were male, now that is totally off 😀

      Looking young certainly depends on a number of factors, including luck. This really is a strange world!

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  7. I cant help but find this article incredibly offensive towards Asians.Why must you put emphasis on Asians trying to look white just because of their preference for fair skin?If Asians were really trying to look like Caucasians,shouldn’t they be tanning instead?

    Most Caucasians seem to hate looking pale and love baking themselves orange in the sun.The truth is,pale skin has been a beauty standard in Asia since long ago as it is a statues symbol and a sign of wealth as the poor who works in the sun daily become dark while the rich stayed indoors,protected from the sun.I do not think it is fair that only Asians get accused of trying to look another race while other ethnicities can tan themselves and dye their hair without any or as much criticism.

    Describing koreans who go under the knife as “creepily doll-like young”is beyond rude.In korean,the look the aim for is a natural,youthful look.It is in Japan,where the “creepy doll look”is all the craze. Please get your facts right before you write an article.I also find that you seem unable to accept that other people’s beauty standards may be different from what you consider beautiful,I personally find most korean celebrities looking very natural and beautiful after going under the knife.

    I am not against but neither am I encouraging towards plastic surgery.I feel like people can do whatever they want with their own bodies as long as they are not hurting others and thoes who had plastic surgery should not be put down or criticised for being “fake”.It is hypocritical for many of us,especially women,to be so against plastic surgery when most of us put makeup on our faces almost every day to hide our flaws,that is fake beauty too,just not permanant.It is only human nature to atleast be a little vain,if not very.

    Another point i want to make is that,big eyes,pale skin are just Asian beauty standards that Caucasians happen to possess,they are what we find beautiful,that is the only reason why any of us would want those traits. Why would we want those traits just to look Caucasian?Caucasians happen to have great genes with features that appeal to us.

    Most Caucasians like tanned skin because they find it “healthy looking”,that doesnt mean that they are trying to look Asian(most asians are naturally tan),right?Caucasians who dye their hair black just have a preference for black hair,nothing to do with wanting to look or be asian.Usually,those who strive to look another race are not afraid express it,and it is perfectly alright as they can have their own preferances that doesnt hurt anyone.

    All in all,i am really annoyed to see people continuously acting like hypocrites and all the double standards.I hope the trend of saying Asians are trying to look white would cease,as that is not the case for many of us.

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    • Many Caucasians naturally have fair skin, and that is what quite a number of Asians lust after – which would explain why they are very hesitant towards tanning and going under the sun. You are right in saying that fair skin is a symbol of wealth in certain Asian cultures, as stipulated in the post too.

      In many Asian cities such as Singapore and Malaysia, it’s common to find fair-skinned Caucasians or Eurasians fronting beauty advertisements and commercials. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, maybe not, but to me this suggests some Asians see Western beauty standards as the epitome of beauty.

      Certainly not all Asians who strive to look fair as trying to look Caucasian – we just might find a certain look appealing and go with that. It is an interesting question you ask there – why would some Asians want Caucasian physical features (if it isn’t because of this reason)? Racism, or self-racism, might have something to do with it. Or maybe if we detest the culture we’re born in for whatever reason. Both of which I think are extreme reasons for going under the knife, but this is a bit of a crazy world we live in.

      Personally, I think that no matter how we look, whether with tan or pale skin, big or small eyes, straight of curly hair, we are all beautiful. This article was written with the intention of exploring the possibilities why Asians look young, and certainly there are many arguments to towards this topic. Each of us also have different perspectives depending on our backgrounds, and none of us have the answers to each question in the world. My article is just one perspective, and there are certainly others out there. Thanks for your input.


      • Hello all,
        cultural identity, especially in this very rapidly changing world, is incredibly complex.

        Of course there are many many reasons why people do things, and the real answer is probably a combination of many factors.

        Circusfoxes is obviousy reacting to this “assumption” or “stereotype” that asians want to look western, and is defending his or her national pride. Many people in Asia are rightly proud of their rich heritage and culture, and it is certainly a good thing to be proud of one’s own culture and not glorify other’s cultures. Find the good everywhere, really, is the best practice.

        However, simply because one persons motives are such, doesnt mean other peoples motives are the same.

        If the woman I go to for facials is anything to go by, Mabel’s assertions are correct – a couple of weeks back she told me she was going to have an operation to lift her eyelids to make her eyes look bigger. her words exactly – “make my eyes look bigger and more beautiful like westerners’ eyes”.

        Still, doesnt mean everyone’s motives are the same. Personally, i find it horrific that anyone, anywhere, for any reason, should resort to plastic surgery.

        We are all beautiful in our own ways, and if people were more focused on basic human kindness and decencies like being courteous and respectful, than what their body looked like, the world may be a better place.

        For me it is a sign of the crazy times we live in. Its also fairly obvious that the greater percentage of people having plastic surgery are women, and they do so to conform to stereotypical notions of what is ‘beautiful’.

        Surely beauty is not so skin deep?

        Nevertheless, the predominat media is run by rich white mails, so yes, indeed, westerners who want to get tanned are not accused of wanting to look like Asians, so there is indeed double standards involved.

        Cultural identity is complex in this rapidly changing global world.

        Thank you Mabel for starting this thread, it has provoked some very interesting, meaty discussions. 🙂


        • Very well said, Debbie. “Many people in Asia are rightly proud of their rich heritage and culture, and it is certainly a good thing to be proud of one’s own culture and not glorify other’s cultures”. Physical and inner beauty defines each culture on various levels. The way we choose to look, be it having fair or dark skin, long or short hair, usually has some sort of significance within our cultures and some of us are very proud of that.

          The way we choose to look and style ourselves is a way of self-expression, a way of defining our character too. I think there’s a fine line between obsessing over our looks and keeping up our appearances to look individually us. But at the end of the day, have to agree that there’s more to beauty than just looks – it’s what mattes on the inside.

          Thanks, Debbie, for chiming in.


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  9. Interesting findings, almost like singing a paean for Asians. I would say all nationalities have youthful looking men and women, it all depends on one’s lifestyle and upkeep. Stay young and youthful, my dear Mabel..

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    • So true. The way we choose to live our lives – and perhaps the way we feel inside emotionally – determines the way we look. It’s anyone’s guess really since we are all individuals. I will stay young, as always. Thanks, Raj.


  10. I think you cover all cultural aspects of Asians being young looking 🙂 Most my European colleagues were unable to guess my age, they always considered I am just recently graduated – which I am super happy by that. Whitening skin products are numerous in Indonesia too, some of them are actually not healthy to the skins 😦

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    • It’s good looking young, isn’t it 😀 Up until I was sixteen I was charged the kids’ price at buffets. I remember seeing quite a lot of whitening skin products in Jakarta when I was on holiday there a few years ago. All the rage there. While I was there, I saw many Chinese Indos with fair skin, very smooth and clear. Don’t know if they used such products.


      • Chinese Indos (in Indonesian called as Tinghoa) are usually having fair skin and very smooth clear skins even without the products! I knew this since my mother is a Tionghoa and my cousins are always have smooth facial skins – I was the one who had pimples with brown skin 😀 The whitening skin products are still popular in Indonesia until now, currently such products also introduce something ‘natural’ and ‘traditional’ – but I am staying out of those type of products anyway.


        • So interesting to hear that Chinese Indos have naturally fair skin. Good genetics. Awww, sorry to hear you had pimples but I suppose now they are gone. I had pimples too when I was younger but now very rarely 😀


  11. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese women definitely look younger than their age. My 65 year old Korean wife looks 20 years younger than her age, and she isn’t just an exception. On the other hand, I don’t know ANY older Asian woman who doesn’t dye her hair, and wear makeup every day. 🙂

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    • It is an interesting phenomenon that many of Asian descent look younger than their age. It is so true many older Asian women like having their hair done and putting on makeup. It must make them feel good, and if it does, good on them for knowing what makes them comfortable.


  12. the human body will always be mystery to man. To bad we will never understand or know whether how long our bodies should look young before they start to show its age. For me, am always told that I look young, and my response is that I don’t smoke, nor drink, plus I do workout and try to eat healthy. So maybe that secret. As you said Asian do have a healthier diet, do walk a lot, plus if I may add, they do live longer.

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    • So true. The human body is most certainly capable of more things we can think of, physically and mentally. Good on you for living a healthy lifestyle. I used to sit around a lot and over the last few years have decided to walk more and these days feel a lot more energetic. And I’ve noticed my face looks more energetic.


  13. You didn’t mention neoteny. The are scientific studies that show Asians are affected by neoteny or lack of physical development facially in which we skipped a phase in human development that would make us look more adult in appearance which makes us look younger or childlike. It’s actually not a compliment but considered more of a medical condition. I just recently been reading about it as I’ve never heard of it before. Google it and you’ll see.

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    • That is true that I didn’t mention neoteny. But it’s a valid point, and a very interesting phenomenon. With constant development in science these days, it will be interesting to see as to how this theory holds and develop.


  14. Hello! I believe Latinos have a lot in common with Asians in this department. Many people of latin heritage look years younger than their actual age. We use parasols when we go for walks in the sun. We eat lots of leafy green vegetables, garlic, and eggplants too. Most Latinas protect their skin with moisturizers, sunscreens, hats and scarves, but not because they want to be fair like Caucasians, but because they know what the harsh rays of the sun can do to their skin. 😉

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    • That is so interesting to hear Latinos tend to look younger than their age. The sun can certainly be harsh to our health if we stay under it long enough. I suppose the more we stay under the shade and use parasols, the less dry our skin will become over time and hence less wrinkles and sunspots that can make us look older than we are.

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    • I hope you realise ‘latino’ (Latin American; not the real Latins) isn’t the same as ‘Caucasian’ hence ‘latinos’ vary from one another. Some are of African origin (the dark skinned Africans), there are indigenous people and people of European descent. ‘Latinos’ are not all the same, and our countries are all different due to the fact our traditions are far from being identical.

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  15. i have been eating asian food for well over 40 years im white and people tell me i look alot younger than i am not sure but i like the vegs bitter melon is my best im in my mid 60s and people say i look 50 maybe all the food my wife gives me is the cause

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    • Such an interesting question. The drier the air, perhaps the drier our skin and perhaps we get more prone to wrinkles. Many parts of Asia have tropical, humid weather…so maybe weather could possibly be a factor in why some of us look relatively youthful.

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      • Yes you may actually be right. Tropical weather might have a role to play as it helps to retain the suppleness of skin.
        Mabel, could you please connect on twitter as well. I have just followed you. Want to share an update.


        • You never know. Now that I live in Australia, the weather is much drier and if I don’t moisturise, my skin peels. Chucked you a follow on Twitter. Glad to have connected with you.


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  17. Yes I have noticed that my Asian co-workers age well. They look youthful well into their 60s. I believe that the Asian diet contributes to a young appearance.
    Similar can be said for people of African descent. I’ll be 57 in February 2016 yet many people think I’m in my 40s. We have an expression “Black don’t crack!”
    Which is true. The more melanin you have in your skin the slower you age.
    Also like our Asian sisters and Brothers many Black people are lactose intolerant including myself.
    Now that I’m getting closer to 60 I’m happy to be a Dark skinned African American Woman.

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    • Never heard of that expression. Not sure if it is offensive to some. Doesn’t sound like it is. So glad to hear that you are happy in your own skin. Melanin certainly might have something to do with it…or it could be diet and interesting to hear that many Africans can be lactose intolerant. Then again, I’ve never had African food that was high in dairy before.

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    • i think there is a link. my south asian friends look rather young for their age too. i have a colleague who is in her 50s but she looks like she is in her 30s.

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  18. i believe it’s just in our genes. my family members generally look younger than our actual age. I’m 41 but can easily pass off as 35 even amongst asians. my sisters who are in their mid 40s dont look a year older than 38 while my mom who is 68 looks like she just turned 60 not long ago. My dad who cheats a little by colouring his hair black looks like he is in his 60s when he is already 76. i smoke, eat trash, drink, sleep late and spend a substantial amount of time in the hot tropical sun. i guess I’m just lucky.


    • It does sound like you and your family are lucky. Perhaps the good genes do run in your family. The human body works in the most mysterious ways sometimes. Dying your hair certainly can make one look younger – and it is so easy to dye one’s hair these days at home and give yourself a new look in no time. Thanks for sharing.


  19. In America people who have more melanin or darker skin tone are seen as more youthful.

    I love that as Asians we are so youthful! It is so annoying but it is beneficial in the later years.

    I guess good things are at it optimum at its later years where you can maximize it to the fullest.

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  20. Do you understand just how dangerous avoiding the sun to have lighter skin is? Exposure to sunlight is crucial in vitamin D production,By avoiding sunlight you deprive your body of it,which causes a broad spectrum of medical conditions including:depression,skin cancer as well as other types of cancer (overall skin cancer is more prevalent among people who avoid the sun and lack vitamin d than in those who don’t avoid it like the plague),PREMATURE SKIN AGING (both too much and too little sunlight cause this so avoiding the sun to stay pale can only age you),bone demineralization,tooth demineralization,etc…too much sun is just as dangerous as too little.
    Second,sunscreen and sunblock products contain harmful ingredients and should not be overused.They also present a very serious problem globally because they are very dangerous to the enviroement, especially bodies of water.
    And as the third and final I’ve never noticed any particular difference,to me they actually look a bit older (really dunno why) but it’s probably true that no specific ethnic group or “race” naturally looks younger.It’s all about the different societies and cultures we were raised in and their expectations (meh -.-) .. 🙂

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    • Such good points, SnowQueen. It always baffles me how so many of us jump to the conclusion that sunlight is bad all round for us. True that it is a great source for natural vitamin D, and that is also what makes our bones and muscles strong.

      Interesting that you bring up the fact that sunscreens may not be all that good to us. A lot of sunscreens make me break out in a rash. I’d apply it on my arm and then go out in the sunshine, and after about half an hour, the patch on my arm with the sunscreen starts itching. Since switching to sunscreens made from natural ingredients, that has helped.

      Whether we look young or older than our age – it’s a matter of perspective. Well said.


  21. Youthful gene! Really…Why not”!” 😄

    For fellow Filipinos, my age is easily figured out. But not to other nationalities in the company where I currently work for. Pakistanis, Indians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Nepalese, Sri Lankans, Americans, and British all mistake me for being a lot you ger than my age. I’m turning 34 in September but those people think that I’m still in my late 20s up to now.

    When my wife and I checked in at Bagolatao’s White Pebbles Beach Resort last year, the receptionist asked for our College IDs. I gave her a tip upon checking out. 😜

    Anyway, what you wrote there are all true. We really eat a lot of vegetables and fishes. And, do so many forms of EXERCISE!

    From here on out, I will cut back on my “milk-based” consumption. I cringed upon reading that part, Mabel. See, I work in the largest dairy foods company here in the Middle East and I thought taking advantage of the free products is beneficial. I need to feed my bones with lots of Calcium. That’s the idea. You just changed that.


    • That is a hilarious experience you and your wife had at White Pebbles Beach. You two certainly look young, and I wouldn’t have guessed the two of you are past your 30’s had I met you 😀

      I don’t know, Sony. Dairy food is good for us and does give us the calcium we need. But not all of us stomach it well. Maybe you stomach it well, and if you do, eat as much dairy as you like. Maybe, at the end of the day, the youthful gene conquers all 😀

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  22. Very interesting! My daughters dad is half thai, his was born in Thailand. He is 45 now, but still has to show his ID when purchasing alcohol. I did not know that 80% is lactose intolerant, but when I think about it, not many of my asian friend eat dairy products (my ex included.) Your blog is always enlightening, and so well thought out. You have found you niche!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It must be quite a laugh to show your ID when purchasing alcoholic beverages at that age. But it can make for interesting conversation all round 😀 I’m one of those who can tolerate dairy quite well these days, but I have to be careful of cold dairy like cold milk. Thanks for your encouragement as always, Maria. You are so lovely ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  23. I agree with you about the Asian diet I’m white married to an Asian women over 44 years she has feed me a high Asian diet all these years people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m 65 they say I look like I’m in my early 50


    • You are very lucky to have found your woman and partner, and sounds like she loves you a lot too. Must be fun when you tell people your age. Who knows, it could really be all in the diet after all.


  24. Liked your blog thread, may be you can also write an article on why South Asian (Indian Subcontinent) and West Asians look different respectively than South East Asian or Far East people having pronounced Mongoloid features

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  25. I liked this article up to the point where it repeats how Asians go through great lengths to look cuacasian. The internet cannot reitterate how mistunderstanding this is for this author felt for the bait like many others. Asians may have admired Western beauty, however if the research was done right they want to look pale for reasons other than the sake of being white. In addition, without fully understanding Asian culture it is very offensive to say it is vein to protect yourself from the sun with an umbrella due it’s foreign concept. All in all just another boring article with added bias against another culture.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Brady. Certainly there are a number of reasons as to why some Asians look youthful in general, and looking fair is one of them for some. Maybe some Asians look young because of this particular reason and others combined, who knows. Each Asian person is different, of different ancestry so it’s anyone’s guess – but we can look at lifestyle patterns as a guide.


  26. Hi m -‘it was nice to find this older post of yours- and good points you raise – esp with the food – and I really believe that our heritage (and blood type) should be looked at to learn more about foods that match our physical body better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Y. Blood type. That is an interesting one. Maybe it does go some way towards making us look youthful. When we eat food that is good for us, we often feel good. And when we feel good, chances are we’ll be in a better mood and that will radiate all over our face.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I totally agree with that point – and also with all that you mention – and for me – SLEEP helps so much .

        and the blood type thing is from a site callled “body redesigning”and the guy there ( Joseph Christiano ) has soem excellent wisdom and info regarding this blood type and food – like some blood types do better with white meats, some red, some none or little…
        I was more into his site about ten years ago and still come back to confirm that so much of what he says is in agreement with what I discover. (just fyi)

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          • My pleasure – and things can get overwhelming when we really start seeing this person or hearing of that product = and Joe uses one of my favorite items – bentonite clay – with a mix od herbs and probiotics – and it is affordable. 60US dollars and just effective – -but enough of that –
            have a great weekend and enjoyed this post M

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  27. A good article, but there are a couple of things missing here:

    1. Alcohol. This is by far the most important. White people spend their university days going out and getting trashed, and then boast to their friends about it. In fact, you’re not ‘cool’ if you don’t get hammered every weekend. Alcohol is a strong toxin and it dehydrates the skin – it is definitely one the reasons why studious Asians look a lot younger than most white people by age 30.

    2. As above, going out late means you’re not getting much sleep, which in turn ages people. I refuse to go out drinking, hence why I look younger than other white people my age.

    3. Anti-oxidants. Asian people drink teas such as green tea which are high in anti-aging anti-oxidants.

    All of these things mean that Asians not only look younger, but they also have lower rates of cancer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very good points, Alison. Very logical. Some Asians, especially some Chinese, are really big drinkers and could drink all night long before passing out. However, this consumption of alcohol usually takes places on certain occasions, for instance during celebratory occasions or a business affair. In Western culture, casual drinking and casual consumption of alcohol is seemingly more common, probably at least a week or a few days of the week occurrence.

      So true that lots of anti-oxidants are contained in teas such as green tea. Could be another reason why some Asians look younger than the rest of us.


  28. Try drinking some Fukushima water, you’ll definitely look younger but not prettier ! And , if that isn’t enough, try eating some radiation contaminated sashimi, it’ll surely do the job… As for being beautiful, Japanese girls are simply born prettier than any asians. Its actually genetic, so there’s nothing you can do about it, unless you can do a fragmentation of your genes. Tip : Here’s what the Chinese and Southeast asians do, they wear everything like the Japanese girls do. From clothes to shoes and of course the make up. A few get pretty close but, mostly look like they’ve just been to a friends funeral LOL Anyway, keep trying and GdLk!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very interesting suggestions. You never know. It could be genetics, or it could be a certainly kind of water or the way someone dresses that makes them look young. It could even be all of that.


  29. It is a bit contradictory, I live in Belgium, most people won’t like to be commented “You look young” , because in a professional world, first impression would be: you are so young, what do you know.

    I have to admit that I don’t like this feeling. But outside of work, I would still like to stay young 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess that is one of the downsides to looking young, that you are mistaken for not knowing much and lack experience. Certainly doesn’t help in the workforce, but if you stand up and speak up, maybe it will be a different story 🙂

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  31. Haha, I found this very interesting.

    I’ve been raised in America almost my whole life and I definitely agree that diet plays a big role. I’ve always been mistaken for way older than I am and I am also Asian. 🙂


  32. I have enjoyed your thoughts in the article above, all valid reasons for youthful appearance.
    One proven point is that dieat does matter, without a doubt. Exercise is also important as it keeps
    our limbs and inner organs in good shape.

    One more point that matters a lot. A positive outlook on life. Grumpiness is very ageing.😊 .


    • Agree that a positive outlook is also perhaps why some of us look young for a while. Be positive, be the kid in us all the time. Being positive also can lead to less stress, and less stress on the body 🙂


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