Here are some of my published works.


Lady By the River: A collection of personal stories about persevering through challenging times – contributor (01-17)


Author Mabel Kwong- PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW (MAY 2022) (05-22)


My Maternity Photo Shoot… – Rebecca Rossi | Peace And Love And Veggies (04-18)

Aboriginal Flag, Parliament House, Melbourne (2) | Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Report 2016 (page 7) (11-16)

Academic Papers

SeeCare IPTV: Broadband Technology For Improved Health Literacy (03-14)

Australia’s Community Radio: Connecting Asian Youths To The Homeland And Beyond (12-12)

Multiculturalism and Race

The Significance of the Chinese New Year (readilearn) – a teaching resource for the classroom (01-18)

Why I Chose To Be A Multicultural Blogger (NEMBC magazine) (07-14)

The “White” Ethnic Faces In The Australian Media (02-14)

To Laugh Or Not To Laugh At Cultural Stereotypes? (09-13)*

Sport, Diversity And Youth In Australia (07-13)*

Engaging Australians With Asian Languages: Tweaking The Curriculum (06-13)*

Is K-Pop Failing To Connect With Australians? (05-13)*

The Troubling Lack of Asian Faces In Australian Media (Part 2) (02-13)*

The Troubling Lack of Asian Faces In Australian Media (Part 1) (02-13)*

Why Asian Community Radio Is Needed (04-11)*

* updated links coming soon


School Days, Reminiscences of Mabel Kwong | Norah Colvin (07-19)

Where To Get The Best Coffee In The World | ROL Cruise (12-18)

Creating Creative Leaders (04-15)

IWD 2015: Women At Work (03-15)

5 Tips For Better Sleep (03-15)

5 Tips For Starting A Blog (12-14)

Event Organising 101 with Duckpond (11-14)

Lindsey Stirling: Breaking Free (09-14)

5 Things To Do While Looking For Work (09-14)

Where Living Is A Breeze: St Kilda Beach | Asian Style (08-14)

Tips For Living With Your Parents (07-14)

Why Asians Stick With Asians | Local Culture Guide (06-14)

6 Tips For Starting Full-Time Work (05-14)

The Race: Asian Australian, Part 10 | A Holistic Journey (04-14)

My Mondays Meals: Special Guest Post | Beth Denny (02-14)


What It Means To Be Vietnamese In Australia (05-16)

Interrogating What It Means To Be Australian (03-16)

Personal Feelings About Climate Change Aired In Handwritten Letters (08-15)

HRAFF Exhibition Explores “Otherness” And Dislocation in Multicultural Australia (05-15)

Wunderkammer Exhibition Subverts Traditional Human-Animal Perceptions (04-15)

Righteous Celebration Of Australia’s Diverse Youth (10-14)

Exhibitions Seek To Give Voice To Asylum Experience (08-14)

Emerging Voices Of Refugees On Show (06-14)

Luka Lesson’s Search For An EXIT (04-14)

NYW2014: Cypher In The City (03-14)

First Peoples (11-13)

Lindsey Stirling – Australian Tour (09-13)

Media Features

Skinny Girls Fight Back: Why Is Fat Okay, But Not Thin? | Australian Women’s Weekly  (01-16)


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    • I don’t know, Sony. Barely have time to write anything that is other than the blog, book or random thoughts in my head. Life of an artist, an artist who needs a day job to live, is usually a struggle

      As for my book, we will see where that goes…

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