10 Years of Blogging: Is Blogging Still Relevant?

These days people tend to gravitate towards social media and online video platforms, and it seems the concept of blogging is outdated.

It begs the questions: is blogging still relevant today? Is blogging dead? Do people still read blogs?

The short answer: no blogging is not dead. It is still relevant depending on how you look at it.

I started this blog exactly ten years ago. Along the journey of ten years of blogging, there has been lots of learning about consistently keeping up a blog. Over time, blogging has come to mean different things to me.

Over time, I’ve evolved as a blogger and writer. Reflecting on this ten-year blog anniversary, what I value about this blog is not what I or it has achieved, but what it has become and the impact that it has had.

Blogs can be broadly categorised as personal blogs and business blogs. Personal blogs share anecdotal stories, lessons or interests. Other blogs are more content-driven or educational, perhaps with the aim of making a profit or branding a business. There are also blogs that are a bit of both. The types of blogs are endless: food blogs, travel blogs, book blogs, photography blogs, news blogs and more – different blogs with different aims and different niches.

More than a decade ago Blogspot, Livejournal and Xanga were popular blogging platforms with close-knit communities. Today WordPress and Medium are common blog publishing spaces, with many blogging platforms blurring the boundaries between blog, opinion and news outlets often with sharp, short and visual content (think microblogging) against the trends stemming from YouTube and TikToks.

It seems that personal blogging is dying out, and maybe because personal blogging tends to read like a diary and so gives off the impression of a lack of clarity and reputation in a competitive hierarchical world. And often quite a few personal bloggers just aren’t motivated to keep on blogging. Instead, blogs that tend to stay around are those that share helpful content.

On whether any form of blogging is really relevant anymore, look at it from different perspectives: from the point of a blogger and from the point of the reader or audience.

People look to blogs to learn, for solutions and advice

There’s always something to learn and a need to learn to get by in life. You as the everyday person may want to learn a skill, figure out how to solve a problem or get to know more about a certain topic. That’s where blogs come in: both anecdotal and well-researched content on a multitude of topics lends ideas for contemplation or thoughtful guidance. In this sense, for the blogger, blogging may be a means to share their expertise and make a difference.

When I started this blog, the aim was to share my writing and stories on growing up Asian in Australia and how I never really fit in, being ‘too Asian’ and ‘too white’ and ‘absolutely lacking everything in between’. Aside from creating a writing portfolio, the intention was to inspire others to embrace their cultural identity and encourage a world where people are more respectful towards each other. Back then I had dreams of becoming a global best-selling author, and blogging was an outlet for me to put my work and mission out there – in turn giving me the feeling that I can live that dream.

People look to blogs for hobbies and personal interests

Reading blogs as a hobby or exploring your hobbies or interests through reading blogs is a way to pass the time. Personal blogs are often casual and down-to-earth, aligning with how you feel when you’re in a leisurely mood. Blogging itself can be a hobby, blogging about what you enjoy and enjoy blogging itself.

One of my favourite things about blogging is reading personal blogs. I can spend hours a night reading and engaging with blogs on the other side of the world. There’s something so calming and grounding reading everyday blogs where you see and get to know what really matters away from the mainstream.

Being a blogger I also learnt and now enjoy taking photos. So cautious about even using non-copyright or stock images on my blog that I took up photography as a hobby to get photos for my blog. Not only was my blog a space for sharing my writing, it was a space that allowed me to experiment with self-expression and simply have fun. A space where I learnt that long-term bloggers juggle many hats to keep up their blog, from being a writer to designer to marketer and more.

People look to blogs for connection

All of us long for connection with others and we all need connection throughout life. For anyone, blogging is a convenient way to connect with people and be part of communities all round the world who share similar interests, and people who can become good friends or networks. With the richness and many niches of blogging, you may very well find what you need on a deeper level connecting with bloggers and where they are coming from.

As time went on it seems that this blog has a bit of a community where people are very nice and willing to share their honest opinions. People read and reflect, contributing, learning and taking away something about cultural habits, traditions or even unconscious behaviours on a personal level that relates to them.

It’s become a space that encourages people to look beyond themselves just as much as looking within, reflecting on one’s actions in a world that is power-hungry and differences are usually discriminated. From starting out as a platform for personal reasons, this blog has become a space that serves a wider purpose: where others connect with and respect different cultures across the world, connecting within and accepting one’s individual nuances in order to move forwards as whom they are.

Blogging encouraged me to keep writing and be a more thoughtful, intentional writer. Over the years my blog aims to and has encouraged others to:

  • Recognise cultural and individual differences, empowering others to be themselves
  • Not feel so alone in the process of navigating cultural identities
  • Ask and ponder the difficult questions on what it means to belong

*  *  *

Relationships and connections in the blogging sphere can no doubt be meaningful in various ways. For bloggers who have goals of selling and marketing, having a loyal following may be a step towards financial freedom. For personal bloggers who blog for enjoyment, genuine connections are relatable and comforting, making you feel valued. And for the blog reader invested in a blog, you feel a sense of trust and self-improvement while reading a blog and expanding on what you know.

Blog engagement can go a long way in making you feel like you matter and also open up opportunities. It can also be incredibly elusive and so it’s something that humbles me. At the height of my blog engagement around 5 years of blogging, I was at the height of freelance writing: my blog was essentially my portfolio that I mentioned to potential clients (many whom took a quick skim at the visible stats and were impressed), which led to actual clients and income. And every engagement – every person who gave their time on here reading and reflecting and whom I never met in real life – made that possible.

On relating to your blog audience, readers usually want and respond to connection. As author Meera Kothand writes:

‘Your brand isn’t the logo or color palette you choose. Rather it’s the experience someone has with you.’

A lot of the time a successful and relevant blog is equated to having high engagement, many followers and many views, and perhaps making a profit off blogging. However, success and relevance are both subjective. Having the most popular blog is not the most important thing for many bloggers and not the most important thing in the world. There is no right or wrong way to blog – and it is often the connections that you make through blogging that really means the most in one way or another. Moreover, blogging consistently in the first place shows that you’re dedicated, creative and have the courage to say what’s important to you.

Blogs come and go, both personal and content-driven blogs. The average blog tends to last a few years. To keep blogging in the long-term and maintain engagement with your audience, it’s important to blog with honestly, and have a desire to blog and the flexibility to evolve as a blogger. When you have passion or purpose or both when it comes to blogging, you’re likely to want to continually expand on your content and reach – and stand out.

My blog is quite different than most others, not fitting into your typical food, travel, book, fashion or even opinion blog. Writing about cultural nuances and later branching out blogging about topics such as introversion, belonging and the writing process, I guess that makes this blog different: from ‘Asian Australian and Multiculturalism’ at the beginning, to ‘Identity and Introversion’ today. Interestingly enough, I’m not too active publicly on social media which can be a good way of connecting with a wider reach – another odd way of standing out in a digitally saturated world. And knowing what I truly value from blogging and in turn writing, being a global best-selling author isn’t important to me anymore. Rather making a positive difference and having an impact on connections made along the journey as a conscious wordsmith goes a much a longer way.

Blogging is still relevant these days. It is up to you on what you want to blog about and where you want to go with it.

How long have you been blogging? How has your blogging journey been?

182 thoughts on “10 Years of Blogging: Is Blogging Still Relevant?

  1. Hi Mabel,
    Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts on how people blog.
    Congratulations on your ten years of blogging. You are one of my favourite writers and creators.
    I think blogging remains relevant as an outlet for people who have a need and for people who want to read the insights of others.
    I’m also conscious that what is written in a blog is rarely peer-reviewed, and while blog posts can be considered evidence, the reader must always bear in mind the quality of the evidence. I’ve been in work-related situations when people have quoted blog posts as evidence for a position they are arguing. On reading the post, it’s not the same quality of material that has been properly peer-reviewed and published (and open to verification).
    Notwithstanding that limitation, I will continue to regard the value of blogging highly, and I’m always grateful for your consideration and researched thoughts.


    • Thank you very much for the support all these years, Gaz. Your comment is thoughtful and I like how you say ‘blogging remains relevant as an outlet for people who have a need and for people who want to read the insights of others’. Blogging is relevant for those who need it, definitely.

      Definitely also agree with you that very often a blog isn’t peer reviewed, especially personal blogs or blogs sharing personal opinions. Opinions on blogs are valid and most of the time have a point. But at the same time it is also coming from one, individual source with its biases and at times these biases are not entirely obvious.

      I have enjoyed following your blog in this blogging journey. You have a very unique blog going for you. Keep it up 😊

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  2. As always is this a more then enjoyable piece, Mabel. The question: why is one blogging certainly is interesting. I can only speak for myself, and I started my photoblog after I purchased a new camera and for the first time seriously tried to understand the technics and, with that, photograpy in a wider perspective. I became enthusiastic and when my hard dive filled itself with more and more pictures, I wanted a way to not only see them myself but ‘free’ them into the world. Then WordPress offered a web space, and there I was. But of course one needs an audience. So I subscribed to other blogs and in return people subscribed to mine, and after a while I had a fair amount of followers. And then the interesting thing happened. I started to get to ‘know’ the bloggers. Folks telling about their lives, showing what they were up to, what they had done, what their interests are, and so on. Not only in my own country but all over the world, even in Australia! And exactly that to me has become the value of blogging. I still put out a series of pictures every month sice 2016, because the initial intend still is present, but if I wouldnt have become involved with this small but world wide community of nice and interesting people that make me laugh, think, that inspires me, that allows me to react with some thoughts of myself sometimes – the joy would not be half as big, or maybe I would have quitted a long time ago.


    • It is a pleasure to have you over here, Peter. That is a very good question, why is one blogging – and it ties in with blogging and its relevance to the blogger. Thank you for sharing a bit of background about your blog. You are very talented at photography, every shot very composed and you really do have a community over your end. We all get to connect with your part of your world and your perspective through your photography.

      It is always wonderful to get to know bloggers and some of them do feel like real life friends. And sometimes you wonder if they are okay if you don’t see or hear from them for a while. Community and connections do go a long way and it is part of what makes blogging so fun – and in turn you get idea for blogging and perhaps in your case, your photography. Hope you are doing well, Peter.

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  3. Your blog has evolved and stood the test of time. Times have changed from the early days where TV and media was ethically homogenous. There is still work to do but the tide is swinging. Your blog has contributed to awareness and provides a free independent perspective and insight. Keep writing! Congrats on the ten years! We are still here and must write that book one day. It is still relevant!


    • Thank you for your kind words, Amanda. It didn’t seem like too long ago that TV was still a very dominant medium of receiving news. Blogging has certainly changed the way we interact with each other. I do think it’s one of the platforms where you can genuinely connect with each other these days especially over common interests.

      It is so lovely to have you on this journey. One of my dreams is to write and publish alongside other writers and authors. So yes, we must write that book one day. It will be relevant for a long time to come 😊


  4. It’s a good question, something I’ve been wondering…

    But above all, if you want to express yourself in writing just share and it’s positive to have an outlet


  5. Congratulations on your decade of blogging! My decade blogiversary for my personal blogs (top secret here, shhh…) will be next year, as I started blogging in 2013 when I was much younger! With this travel blog, I’m at six years. Like you, I’ve seen a ton of blogs come and go, and there have been periods when I had to take breaks from blogging due to writer’s block and lack of motivation. I’d like to think with my travel blog, it’s a blend of informational and personal, as it showcases my trips and a few how-to travel guides but also life updates and personal reflections…a lot has changed in the blogosphere since I started, but I think blog is still very much alive and thriving, and I believe it’ll continue to be a medium for writing for a long while. Still sticking around!


    • Thanks, Rebecca. That is amazing you started blogging a long time ago, and you have evolved as a blogger along the way. I also had a few blogs before this one, and had breaks in between. 6 years with your travel blog is a wonderful achievement!

      I really like your travel blog. There’s something so raw and honest about what you write on your travels and trips – and realistic travel from a realistic point of view minus all the travel glam you see so often on social media. Agree, blogging will certainly be a medium for writing and for writers for a while to come. Very glad to have connected with you 🙂

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  6. Awesome stuff for blogging for ten years! I myself have blogged informally since the Geocities days, but only started taking it seriously in the past few years, and I have to say, blogs now are more relevant than ever, especially when you look at the growth of SEO and content marketing.
    But on WordPress itself, your points totally nail it on the head, in that it’s much more about connection and interests rather than ‘diary-ish’ or ‘corporate’ posts. Thanks for this post, and here’s to another decade!


    • Thanks for reading and stopping by, Stuart. That is a long time to be blogging, since the Geocities days. I do remember Geocities but I can’t remember if I started a blog back then. Blogging is its own niche in the digital platforms out there. I think non-corporate, non-marketing blogging tends to appeal more to writers and readers, those who want to sit down and read a fairly thought out piece, or write one and share. WordPress is an amazing platform and community that has allowed so many of us to connect. It has evolved over the years, with it being more mobile friendly these days – which is no surprise given that everything is not just digital but mobile these days. I do think there will always be a place for write-read-sit down in front of a laptop or computer kind of blogging. That kind of blogging has always resonated with me.

      Yes, here’s to another decade…let’s see where blogging goes!

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  7. Wow 10 years, that is amazing Mabel. I remember us talking many times. I have wondered the same thing about blogging. Should I keep going? Is it worth it? I think it is because I enjoy it. Well done on yours.


    • Yes, it has been 10 years. I also remember us talking many times and your blog was one of the first ones I discovered and followed. Well done on your blog too. Your photography is stunning and you have come a long way with many achievements.


  8. Very thoughtful and insightful. I did see the transition in your “theme focus” but it remained authentic and honest. Blogging will continue to be relevant as long as there are blogs like yours.


  9. Congratulations of 10 years. One decade, well done. I started my first blog in 2004. Except for 2 people, everyone I started with back then is gone. I’ve come a long way since then, having shifted from a daily diary blog concept to a weekly lifestyle newspaper columnist concept. I believe you nailed why personal weblogs remain viable: it’s “calming and grounding” to read “everyday blogs.” Who doesn’t want that?


  10. Congrats on your anniversary! I enjoy both the connection with other bloggers and having an audience for my stories. It’s hard to decide which I like more: a person commenting, “yes! me, too! I thought I was the only one who felt that way!” or someone saying, “I laughed so hard I snorted coffee.”

    I like TikToks and pet videos, but for informative information, I do prefer written articles or blogs. I can read much faster than I can watch.


    • Thank you! Connection with other bloggers is very much enjoyable and uplifting, and even better when they relate to you. It’s very nice to know someone is reading and they are in another part of the world.

      That is interesting, you can read much faster than you can watch. Sometimes if I am watching a video and the speaker is talking slowly and I want a faster pace, I put the speed on x2 to get through it faster.

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  11. Hi Mabel. I’ve been blogging for ten years, too. Well, I think it will be eleven soon. It’s been so long, I can’t even remember. I love that your blog is unique to others (as is mine). I like to meet people and read things that don’t blend in with all the rest.

    I started blogging because I was told I needed a platform to promote my first book, which was a short story anthology. When my second book came around, I did a blogging tour, where others on their blogs help you promote your work. I just launched my third book this week, and now I’m told blog tours are no longer the trend. I have very little social media presence aside from the blog, so I’ve posted my book anyway. Hopefully, some will find it. Come check it out if you have the time.


    • That is amazing you have been blogging for a decade, almost eleven years. You have come far with blogging and that’s a wonderful achievement. Congratulations on your latest book. I enjoyed reading about blogging and your books. I think blogging will always have a place for writers – it’s a platform (such as WordPress) where people generally take the time to read.

      Thanks for the link to your new book 😊💕

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  12. Hi Mabel, I’ve been blogging for 8 years now ~ I’m 2 years behind you ⭐ Along this journey, I have seen many fellow bloggers stop posting and even take down their blogs. It’s not for everyone and can feel like pressure over time. I like the personal quality of blogs, as well as the many friendships I’ve made ~ Including yours! All the best to you this holiday season and congrats on 10 years! Blogging is still very relevant to many of us, and I’m pleased you continue to write and take photos for us here.


    • Eight years is a long time to be blogging, Christy. Well done on your blog. I enjoy following along on the variety of articles you post about. That is a good observation, that some bloggers stop blogging and take down their blogs. Blogging isn’t for everyone, and what’s important to someone can change over time.

      Thanks for the nice words and well wishes. All the best to you too this holiday season. Keep blogging and very thankful to have the friendship we have here 😊

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  13. Kudos on your 10 years of blogging and continuing refinement of your blog and reasons for blogging. I had my 10-year anniversary a few months back. It’s amazing that we’ve kept at it this long, while others have come and gone. I appreciate you and your thoughtful & insightful posts Mabel. I keep blogging mostly for the connections in our community.


    • Thank you, Brad. It’s hard to believe it’s 10 years of blogging. But it’s 10 years of blogging. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging to you. It is a wonderful achievement and I wish I had discovered your blog sooner. With your blog I really appreciate your honesty about individual challenges and wider views on the world. Keep blogging, Brad. I look forward to seeing more from you 😊

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  14. Congratulations on your tenth blog-iversary, Mabel! It’s quite an accomplishment, not to mention the engagement and number of followers you have here. I can understand why, though, you are such a wonderful writer and tackling interesting topics.

    I think blogging is such a personal venture. People do it for various reasons. As long as you’re loving it, then I believe the interaction will happen. It took a few years to get engagement on my blog. It started quite slowly and peaked a few years ago. Now I have a small number of loyal followers and I quite like that it remains an intimate blog.

    Cheers to you, Mabel, from across the world 🙂


    • Thanks, Lisa. It’s quite surreal that it has been 10 years of blogging. I am very thankful for everyone who has read and shared their thoughts, including you. Indeed blogging is such a personal venture.

      I really like your blog and what you have achieved with your writing, such as your poetry and challenging topics like divorce which you cover so thoughtfully and with sensitivity. You have such a supportive, loyal community and it is a pleasure to be a part of it. Look forward to coming over to yours again soon. Wishing you well from across the world 😊

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  15. Mabel, as always you bring up so many interesting points – this time, about blogging! I am still wondering at the term, but I guess I’ll settle with an early definition, WebLog. Which I guess my blog would fit into, a journal, as you say, I guess. For me, it’s a repository for things I feel like sharing. But as a typical seriously right brainer, it can be all over the place! And that’s fine with me. I began blogging as an outlet for a considerable backlog of writing prose and poetry. And over the years, I have shared quite a bit. I don’t really have a goal, other than what I’ve mentioned. It has a moderate audience, and that’s fine with me. I have no grand aspirations for fame or fortune through my writing; rather, it’s a creative outlet with the bonus of engaging interesting creative people such as yourself. And though others have suggested what I might focus on, I write what pleases me. If I was doing a paid gig (as I did years ago), I would be happy to write to the subjects of others.

    I do hope you have been able to make a living writing. You have gifts I never cared if I developed, a grounded logical mind, spiced with some right brained creativity. I could certainly write to a subject, but dreaming up those subjects is for someone else! And I love your photographs!

    Wishing you all my best, dear Mabel. I am glad you are in my blog universe! 😀 xoxo


    • Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment, Bela. Blogging itself is such an interesting subject with so many things to talk about. That is great you know what your blog is about and how it works for you. For you, it really is a creative outlet that allows you to share your writing and prose, and I have enjoyed reading and following along with you over the years. You write very meaningfully and convey important messages about our planet and beyond. Writing what pleases you is something that is very freeing, and glad you write because you want to and you enjoy it. It is powerful when you write what you like – that is expressing your voice authentically.

      For a long time I did make a living off writing, mainly freelancing which invovled writing for others. Then I realised I had to learn to write for myself if I were to write a good book. So maybe, one day I will make a living from writing again – and this time for myself.

      Wishing you well this end of the year, Bela. Very glad that you are in my blog universe and connected in this cosmos 😊💕

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  16. Congratulations upon your 10 lovely years in blog land Mabel…. And I agree with you blogging is not dead, and it can help us meet and greet the most wonderful people from all over the world…
    Keeping an active blog takes dedication and hard work… and there have been times I do admit I have thought about throwing in the blogging towel… But I take regular spaces of ME time away from blogging and the internet… Pacing ourselves and I always return feeling refreshed with more words that somehow are created into posts.. My second gardening blog has suffered as a result this year..

    My own blog started out wanting to make a small little difference, in the world, by planting a few thoughts to help people see how their thoughts helped shaped their lives..
    I hope after all my years in blog land.. 13 years here in WordPress, but I started out blogging in Live Spaces in 2007 and transferred here when they shut down.. I still manage to plant a few seeds.

    I still take breaks.. but I love our blogging community Mabel and love the posts and subjects you choose to write about, for you make us think deeper on what drives us.. And you do an excellent job of encouraging us all my friend.

    I love your style of writing Mabel…. and so pleased we met … May you continue creating and writing, learning and growing, as we all are as we type and read each others thoughts and words..
    Happy Anniversary Mabel… And many more happy years in blog land.. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • It is always wonderful seeing you in the blog universe, Sue. Absolutely love how you describe the impact of blogging, that ‘it can help us meet and greet the most wonderful people from all over the world’. This is so true and blogging friends feel like real friends. You chat with blogging friends and when you don’t hear from them, you wonder when you will hear from them again. That’s the power of the community in the blogging world.

      It is amazing you have blogged for 13 years on here and even before WordPress. You really are dedicated and your blogging breaks sound like good grounding to get life and important things into perspective. That is so thoughtful of your to help others on here see how their thoughts helped shaped their lives. And I think you achieve that very well. You have a loyal, engaged following alongside your honest posts and thoughts – thoughts you are bold enough to share in a level-headed manner and prompt us to think.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Sue. I am also pleased we have met and connected. I have learnt so much from you, and can learn about writing the truth and from the heart from you. Indeed, many more years in blog land. Hugs across the miles 😊💕


  17. I can’t remember how long I have been blogging, Mabel… Congrats on your 10 year anniversary. This is a really good post for those of us who are struggling with what to blog about. I guess mine focuses on personal experience and connection?


  18. Congratulations Mabel for completing ten years of blogging journey. Are blogs relevant? Yes and no. I think people have much shorter attention spans and time as compared to before. So I have found that people don’t spend as much time blogging and reading as before. I have also witnessed that many bloggers who used to write regularly and read have kind of become inactive. That is of course also linked with everyone’s journey. a natural progression? Probably,


    • Thanks, Arv. A very good observation there that people’s attention span are shorter these days. They want to be stimulated now and want something interesting right now – so can see how traditional blogs may not be relevant in this context. I have also witnessed many regular bloggers who no longer blog or have deleted their blogs. I think that’s part of the journey, and for some people there are other priorities or interests. I admire your blog Arv. You have put out so much informative content about Jaipur and I hope you continue to do so 🙂

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      • I guess we both have observed the same thing about people leaving blogging sphere. Each has their own reasons for blogging and priorities and agendas change.
        I hope I continue to blog. I started blogging with different thought when I started and now my blog has slightly different content. In a span of 7 years, the traffic has increased 40 times. Thanks for motivating, Mabel. 🙂


        • It is amazing of the reach your blog has, Arv. Very impressive and you produce such interesting, valuable and timeless content. Every post I have read is different – you cover things like forts and show us different sides, histories and travels about fort. Keep up the good work and keep blogging 🙂

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          • Thanks, Mabel. I guess during my journey, I thought what use a bloog would serve other than sharing my thoughts or experiences? I feel whatever we share should help others. I realize this more often when I reasearch on internet while planning for a trip. There is lots of information on internet, often conflicting; we don’t know whom to trust. I hope what I share helps travalers. Appreciate your feedback and motivating words, Mabel. 🙂


            • It is very thoughtful of you to think that what we share – and your blog included – should help others. There indeed is a lot of information out there. The least we can do when presenting information is be open-minded and present different views. I am sure what you share has helped many travelers over the years 🙂

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              • Absolutely, Mabel. I second that. Even though there are many people who read my blogs, some are kind enough to share that they really found my blog useful via a comment or email. Anyways, I hope my blog will help people in whatever information they are seeking. Appreciate your kind words, Mabel.


  19. Although I believe personal blogs are at the low side of the spectrum when it comes to the relevance of blogging, I have learned so much because I’m part of the blogosphere. And it’s all because of my personal dribble on my own blog. Also, it has established connections for me that I would have otherwise missed because of physical disability. Sure, I could have opted for social media sites instead, but so far I have found those avenues to get petty on a regular basis.

    To answer your question, Mabel, I’ve been blogging on some sort of platform 8 1/2 years.


    • That is wonderful you have learnt much and made connections through being a part of the blogosphere. It is a welcoming and friendly community here, whereas as you alluded to, social media can get opinionated regularly.

      It is an amazing feat to be blogging for 8 1/2 years, Glynis. I enjoyed following you especially when you share your insights about book writing, which definitely can be very challenging. Wishing you well this end of the year.

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  20. Blogging does seem less popular now than it was several years ago as more and more people tend to gravitate toward Instagram. However, I see that as a good thing since that means those who stay in the blogosphere are generally the ones who really enjoy writing (you can only write so much on social media). Like you said, I also find connections made though blogging more organic and genuine since you’re able to ‘know’ someone though his or her writings before you even meet him/her.


    • It really does seem social media is more popular these days, and blogging is usually seem as something more serious and needs more attention. Agree with you that those who stay in the blogosphere are usually the ones who like writing, and reading and learning a bit more in-depth too – and that contributes to more genuine connections. I enjoy your blog a lot, Bama. You write such down-to-earth posts on your travels and it always feels like I am right there traveling with you. Hope to visit your blog again soon. Wishing you well for this end of the year 😊

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  21. Hi, Mabel – You have made some excellent reflections here. January 1, 2023 will mark my seventh anniversary of blogging. My blog began as a New Year’s Resolution and as a way to document my transition into retirement. What I hadn’t anticipated at the time is the deep connections that I would make through this platform. I have met ten bloggers in person, am in a bookclub with three and have regular zoom chats with eight. Although it was the writing and documenting that lured me in, it is definitely the connections that keep me going.
    Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging. That is an excellent accomplishment!


    • Thank you, Donna. That is amazing you have been blogging for almost seven years. Congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary. Wonderful you go to meet quite a few bloggers in person – that is something surreal, especially meeting a blogger in person. The connections are very special and who knows where you will go with blogging. Wishing you many more years of blogging and I look forward to following along 🙂


  22. Hi, Mabel. I, too, have been blogging for ten years. I’ve learned a lot and continue to grow as I meet new friends and stay in contact with the bloggers I follow regularly. I very much enjoy your articles!


  23. I’ve often wondered if blogs are getting dated, but they do offer something no other SM can–a community. FB is too huge and impersonal (except for our close family/friends). And I rarely see blogs get snarky though in my case, I delete negative ones. I don’t want those vibes in my space!


    • I agree with your, Jacqui. Social media can be impersonal and people can be quick to judge, family or not. Blogging offers a slower pace with more reflection and composure. Great to have connected with you and your writing/book blog. As a writer who hopes to publish many books some day, your blog is an inspiration. Thank you for always sharing 😊


  24. You and the commenters here have made many good points. Many different blogging communities exist on WordPress, and they are still relevant and important to their members. My own blog started out as a replacement for a music email newsletter and has been up since June of 2013. I have learned a lot from other people over the years, and treasure the connections. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everyone, but I try my best.


    • You are spot on, Lavinia. There are indeed different blogging communities and important to different people. Very wise of you to treasure the connections though it may be hard to keep up with everyone. There are just so many good blogs and bloggers out there that you want to get to know. But yes, you try your best. Hope you are doing well.

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  25. Congratulations and welcome to the club 😉 I’ve been at it for about 12 years, maybe 13, I can’t count. 😛

    I think as people ponder whether to stay on Twitter, or go searching for other social media platforms, etc, they will inevitably read a blog post or two. I’ve found it amusing that Twitter has these long form threads or that IG or FB posts can be quite long as well.

    Nowadays, it’s all about the newsletter, which in many ways are similar to blogs. Ironically though, newsletters go through sites like Substack, so it makes me wonder how is it really different from a blog? But I have both a newsletter and a blog which seems silly, but I like creating different content for each platform.

    Ah, sorry, a segue. The point being is I think the newsletter and longer posts prove that people want blogs. They want to read more engaging content that’s not just 50 characters long. And as more folks turn away from quick bytes, I think there will be a return to more nuanced conversations, which you are more likely to have on a blog. 😛


    • Thanks, Lani. You have been blogging for a long time. That is wonderful and your blog was one of the very early ones that I followed. I think I discovered you when you were writing about being Asian American. Or was it you who discovered me – who knows 😛

      Blogs will have their relevance and agreed, people will probably inevitably read a blog post or two at some point. The newsletter: I think that it is equally as important and relevant as blogs. I think there are different aims with newsletters just like there are different aims with blogs. A newsletter from a small business promoting their new products once a week or so would probably be very different from daily newsletters from a news outlet. I guess it comes down to what your content and intentions are.

      I’ve thought about starting a newsletter but I think that really is very different to a blog (in my case) and something I should think about in a lot of detail. A newsletter could be an extension of a blog or of a brand, or what you are trying to achieve. Then there are also paid newsletters. For instance, I have a subscription to a daily astrology newsletter. Everyday the newsletter gives an overview of the astrological weather and at times includes links to blog posts.

      Longer or long form content will always be valuable. Keep blogging and writing, Lani. Very glad to have connected with you 😊💕

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  26. Congratulations on ten years of blogging, Mabel! I am coming up on nine years, and although I started as simply a way to document my own personal travels (for myself and whoever else might stumble upon the stories), I realize now that the prize has been the connections I’ve made with others. I just returned from an overseas trip with one of the bloggers I met online, a situation I could never have imagined nine years ago! I hope your blog has brought you joy and rewards as well.


    • That is amazing you are coming up to nine years on blogging, Lex. Your travel stories are down-to-earth and so engaging. And your photos too. Even better you got to meet bloggers in person. Connections are indeed the best with blogging. I look forward to reading your next travel post as and when you post. Wishing you well this end of the year and into next year 😊

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  27. Loved this post Mabel. I think blogging is absolutely relevant. I know it’s been my friends in the blogging community who have been a lifeline to me this past year. Just because we lives countries apart doesn’t deter friendships. Funny, you said social media and videos are where many go, I know many a blogging friend who have given up most of their social media sites and have chosen to stay with the blog.
    Happy holidays to you Mabel. Hugs ❤


  28. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. I like milestones and feel we should celebrate them.

    Thanks for stopping by because it reminded me to get over here. I saw you posted, but said to myself, I’ll get there. Time passed and I lagged – so your presence helped. Thank you.

    I agree with you – blogging is not dead – but I think it has changed since I started in late August 2008 on a different blog. I kept it going for 11+ years before returning in a different format about 8 months later. During that time, I’ve seen many bloggers come and go.

    I like your headings on why people blog – learning, advice, solutions, connections, hobbies, personal interests, and connections. All are very valid – but I would add self-promotion.

    Connections is the biggest surprise I’ve gotten from blogging. When I started, I had no idea that the connections would impact me.

    Sometimes I wonder if blogging is like a drug addiction. I think everyone has gone through the “more” stage …. that is wanting more views, likes, comments, visitors, followers, etc …. and that leads to more posts because we want more because more means more. I used to posted 6 times a week – but then something hit me – Was my frequency placing a burden on my readers? That idea has sunk in over time …. so I’m now once a week with an occasional two. Although my numbers are down, I don’t care – I’m finally blogging for myself and not on the treadmill that is going faster and faster in the race for more. I’ve babbled long enough.


    • Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful comment, Frank. Your presence and visits ares much appreciated as and when you can drop by – and no pressure at all. That is a good suggestion, that self-promotion is a reason why some people blog and blogging is important to them. A blog can be an outlet to put oneself out there and share their talents and skills.

      You certainly have been blogging for a long time in total, and must have blogged about so many different topics. It is true that bloggers come and go, and that I’ve experienced on here. One day someone stops coming by your blog or they stop posting on their blog without a word. I’ve also seen some blogs taken down. Nothing wrong with that and people have different priorities and in interests over their life.

      I think blogging connections will always take you by surprise. You never know where a blogging connection will lead you and how many wonderful chats you will have over time and years. And sometimes you even meet in person.

      That is great you came to realise the importance of blogging for yourself and have set boundaries in how much you blog. Blogging can be addictive and there’s only so much one can post, and so much one can read (though it also depends on the nature and aims of your blog). I remember I used to post every week, then a couple of weeks, then monthly and now, well, I take my time in between posts. Good that you are blogging for yourself and hope you continue to do so 🙂

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      • My previous blog was not topic centered, so I could go in any direction – and I surely did – many times surprising my readers. At my peak, I was posting 6 days a week – but each week followed a similar format. I actually saw it as a weekly magazine with daily posts. It was fun & rewarding – but time consuming.


        • The benefit of a blog that is not topic centred is that you can write about what you want, anything you feel. When you’ve got a topic centred blog, over time you learn to get into depth about the topic – which you do very well about beach walking and reflections on our world. Keep up the wonderful work, Frank.


  29. I’ve been quite tardy on new blog posts. Anyway alot has happened in life. And now I discover, there’s advertising on blog… Grrrr. I agree that blogging is sometimes light connection with other bloggers who have shared interest in subjects, activities or values. We should enjoy the light worldwide network.


    • Agreed that we should enjoy the network and community on here. There’s much to be shared and enjoyed together in the blogging world. I have been wondering where you have been, Jean. Haven’t seen you post in a while. Sounds like life is keeping you busy. Hope you are well and wishing you well this season and into the new year.


  30. Many congratulations on ten years of blogging, Mabel. I can’t remember how or when I discovered your blog, but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and love to add to the conversations your posts generate. You’re a very engaging blogger; those are the bloggers I like the most.

    I think blogging is as relevant today as it was when I started my blog in February 2014. A lot has changed, and bloggers have come and gone, but I enjoy all the aspects of blogging, and it has become a big part of my life.

    I’ll be honest and say that I don’t get involved with blogging groups as much as I used to, as I didn’t always find the blog content of others in the group interesting, so I have stepped away.

    However, providing the fun and enjoyment I get from blogging stays with me, I will continue to blog.

    Merry Christmas.


    • Thank you, Hugh. You are very kind and I appreciate your support. I also can’t remember how we connected in the blogging world. I think I discovered your blog when you shared one of your photos or through one of the challenges on here.

      You have certainly been blogging for a long while and I think you’ll reach ten years of blogging. It is true that blogging has evolved and bloggers have come and gone. That’s not surprising given that many have different priorities and interests at different times of their lives. Sometimes I wonder what happened to some bloggers who are no longer on here and hope they are doing well.

      I like how you blog for the fun and enjoyment of it. Blogging comes much more naturally to you when you look forward to it. You and your blog have certainly come a long way. I remember you posted mainly about photos and fiction (if I remember correctly) at first and then branched out to sharing tips and guidance on blogging. You’ve grown such a community around that. And on top of that have published a book. Wonderful achievements and you should be proud of yourself 😊

      Wishing you well this season and into the new year, Hugh. Take care and looking forward to visiting yours soon.


      • You know my blog so well, Mabel; thank you.

        Yes, it started as mainly short stories and photography, but when I saw the first blogging tips post, I saw it as a great way to share the blogging tips I have learned as a thank you to all my readers.

        Merry Christmas, Mabel. I look forward to reading lots more from you in 2023.


        • You are very thoughtful with your blog content and generous with your time on here, Hugh. Your blog is unique in its own way, showcasing what you are passionate.

          Have a wonderful Christmas and 2023. Take care 😊

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  31. Yes, I love this recognition that blogging can mean different things for different people! I agree that even though the most popular days of blogging may be over, that people can still gain satisfaction from the practice especially if blogging is consistent with their internal values. I know for me a lot of my blog is to share about my journey with mental health to help other people feel less alone, and even if it helps one person that’s more than enough for me. Glad we’ve been able to keep up with each other’s blogging journeys!


    • Blogging has changed and agreed the most popular days of blogging are probably behind us. But there will always be a place for blogging and people who really are interested tend to blog very genuinely. I love you blog especially when you talk about the more vulnerable side of life. Thankful we have connected on here and part of each other’s journeys, Thomas. Keep blogging 😊

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  32. Congratulations on ten years of blogging, Mabel. That’s quite an achievement. I think it’s close to ten years for me too. 🙂
    I always enjoy reading your blog and learning more about your Asian experience of growing up in Australia. It opens my eyes to how my words and actions may be received by othes and helps me grow in understanding and empathy.
    While we are now looking forward to a new beginning of a calendar year, Chinese New Year follows closely behind. I wish your all the joys of these opportunities to celebrate and hope that 2023 is good for you.
    Thank you for being part of my online community and accepting me into yours. It’s always a pleasure to interact and I hope we continue to do so for a long time.


    • Thank you for your well wishes and kind words, Norah. Ten years is a long time to be blogging. Wonderful to hear its close to a decade for you too – and you run two blogs. That really is something.

      I am glad you enjoy reading of my experience being Asian in Australia. It is something I enjoy writing a lot, and hope to inspire others in a similar situation as me.

      Chinese New Year is indeed around the corner. I’ve already begun checking out the Chinese New Year snacks in the Asian groceries – and I want them all 😄

      It is an honour to be a part of your online community, Norah. The work you do with your blog and Readilearn is so important. I am also amazed you have developed a number of resources over the years – something which I can learn from. Such a pleasure to connect and chat with you, Norah. Enjoy the season and summer 🌞😊💕

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  33. I’ve seen blogs disguised as personal blogs but if you look closer, it’s actually a glorified online store full nice words and photos; they’re selling books, pans, over-the-counter diarrhea medication, luxury hotels, etc., etc., etc. I get that they need to hustle their life because that’s how the blogger makes a living, but over time I lose interest. I also know people who hustle an artificial lifestyle unsuccessfully where they lose far more money than earn. Being pressured to make your blog make money sucks the joy out of writing so I already decided early on that is not what my blog is all about. To me, blogging is about community and sharing things that bring me joy.


    • That is a good observation. I’ve also seen blogs disguised as personal blogs but are actually selling everything under the sun. I am not too sure who these blogs are trying to target and who buys from these blogs. I think the bloggers behind these blogs are more interested in selling than in being a part of a blogging community. That is great you blog and share about things that bring you joy, Julie. I have enjoyed following your blog for, well, I think it’s years now. Hope you keep sharing and blogging 😊

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      • Aww thank you! I’ve been following you for years too! Doesn’t time pass by so fast?

        Regarding the influencer bloggers, the purpose is to be aspirational. They market a product to people to make them believe if they buy that product, they’ll be closer to living the life they’re portraying on social media. It’s no different that celebrities who endorse diet plans and shoes.


        • Marketing can be influential that way, appealing to people’s emotions and desires when promoting a product. And bloggers are really ordinary people and some might just believe anything.

          Yes, time does past by so fast. Here’s to many more years of blogging 😊


  34. Good to see you still going strong, Mabel. I’m coming up two months behind you. Can’t believe it’s been 10 yrs for us. A recluse, I’m off the social media grid myself. There is no recipe or prescription for blogging. As you say, it’s in the authentic connections.

    Wish you a wonderful year and another decade of joyful growth.


    • It is lovely to see you again, D. That is amazing you have been blogging almost 10 years in between blogging breaks. Agreed, no recipe for blogging or no need to be all over every social media platform. Be you as you blog.

      I read your latest blog and hope you find strength where you need it. Wishing you well for the year ahead and take care.

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  35. Congratulations Mabel on ten years of blogging. Your writing has always struck me as authentic, sensitive and written with heart. And like you, I also agree that connection is the key to sustaining a blog long term. I’ve been blogging eight years and still love it, love the connections and the Journalling aspects. To me it’s almost like an online journal with the added benefits of interacting with other like minded writers. Happy blogging into the future Mabel and may your 2023 be one of peace, happiness and joy.


    • Thank you for the kind words and well wishes, Miriam. Eight years is a long time blogging for you, and look where that has lead you. It is a pleasure to follow you on your travels, photography and publications. I like your thought on blogging as journaling and through that interact with like-minded others. Certainly adds a deeper and another dimension to being a part of the blogging community. Many more blogging years for you and wishing you well for the year ahead 💕

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  36. Greetings Mabel, it’s been quite a while! Like you I’m in my 10th year of blogging. I think there are as many reasons people blog as there are bloggers! Also like you, my blog has morphed several times over the years but its primary focus has always been to share both my thoughts and my photography. I love to write so it’s been an excellent outlet for that. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the connections I’ve made with other bloggers, many of whom have been with me from the beginning. It seems for the most part that our common interest is photography, and WP is a wonderful outlet for sharing that. I’ve met several blogging friends in person thru the years which is always fun, and since we started the Lens-Artists challenge have become close friends through the years with my challenge partners. Whether blogging is relevant in the wider world is a different question but it is certainly an important outlet for me. Also, I publish my blogs at the end of each year in a hardcover book which has created a terrific set of memories for me and for my husband as it documents our travels and our many adventures. Thanks as always for your thought-provoking question, your own thoughts on it, and the many thoughts of your respondents. Wishing you all the best in the coming New Year.


    • That is amazing you are in your 10th year of blogging, Tina. You have come far with your blog, and over the many years that I have followed you, you certainly share your photography with a lot of passion. It is amazing that you are one of the hosts for Lens-Artists challenge and it has connected people from all over – such an engaged and welcoming community. Connections made on here are certainly highlights and wonderful you got to meet some of them in person over the years. So interesting to hear yo publish your blogs in a hardcover book each year and it does sound like a keepsake book to have 😊

      There will always be a place for blogging. Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, Tina 💕


  37. This is yet another insightful, beautifully written post, Mabel. Isn’t it amazing to see how time has flown by these past ten years and then to look at how your blog/writing/thinking has changed over this time? A couple of weeks ago, I had this same thought of how irrelevant the type of blogging I do is these days. Social media has expanded into such an active and creative force, and there are mind-bending pieces with Tik Tok and others (I am pretty clueless about everything outside the WordPress universe 😂!). But, I have grown to treasure the connections I still hold with the WP community… even though it does seem my associations have lessened a bit for the very reasons you mention above: people move on from blogging.

    Looking from the perspective of the blogger and the audience is interesting and important because it helps me understand what is important to me. Photography and writing is still my main passion, but I have more creative freedom now because of the constant transformation I’ve taken over the years. You have such a refined form of writing and thought, and as you have grown (your photography is one such aspect), it is fun to see growth in ourselves and within those, we connect with online. It is encouraging to continue to move forward ~ and while at times it seems my voice grows fainter due to less time blogging and interacting, in reality, it is just the opposite. The dream of being a best-selling author and photographer and setting the blogosphere on fire is no longer the goal ~ and instead to create something that, for a moment (be it an hour or a day), gets the creative spirit flowing and we have the chance to share our thoughts. It is special. Thank you very much for your ten years of blogging, your inspiration, and this great piece above, which helps me understand even the tiny fragments of creativity are worth their weight in gold. Wishing you an excellent start to the New Year, and I hope your summer is bright and brilliant as you deserve. Take care ~ 🙂


    • Such a thoughtful, insightful reflection from you, Randall. Looking back on ten years, my blog posts were so different back then. Back then I was also in a very different phase of my life with a different worldview. Change is often what keeps us moving forward. I think my blog, and my writing, has become much more refined and stronger in voice over the years, and always chipping away at improving that.

      Your blog is something to be admired. Your photography is always stunning and your words always hit a philosophical note – and both arts combined, you make us think of the important things and bigger picture in life. Each time I read your posts I go, I really want to write like you, or rather your take after your writing style 😄 It is true that bloggers come and go, and some get more value out of social media platforms. But the connections made are always of value, even in a moment in time. The longer-lasting ones are those that should be cherished.

      There is so much to say from the perspective of the blogger and the audience. Could write separate posts, or even books on them. Passion will always benefit both blogger and audience because through passion there’s a kind of authenticity that touches yourself and others. I think too your blogging voice has grown stronger despite blogging less. With your photography and writing, you bring through passion and authenticity – and I think all of us can feel the honesty, creativity and desire in the moment (and of course time) when putting together each of your posts. Every post of yours is worth its weight in gold – you could be the one who is global best-selling author 😉

      Summer is finally here after a long wait. It is certainly bright and brilliant over here. Wishing you well for the year ahead and looking forward to your posts as always, Randall. You take care too 😊🙏✨


      • You say it well, Mabel. The changes we’ve had over the past decade in our blogging have been subtle, but when comparing our initial posts when we first started to what we write/think about now, it is clear that our passions have led us to focus on what we find interesting. We opened up avenues to explore our creativity a bit more and, in the end, have a bit more fun with what we are doing (even if it means doing less and pushing away social media platforms that would put us more into the mainstream).

        The photography you are doing now is beautifully artistic and flows well with your writing. It is funny you mention how sometimes when you read a post of another, you think, “I’d like to write like that….” This is one of the best things about having a group of people to admire in the WP universe. So many of your posts have had me thinking/wishing how it would be great to put together a post using your writing style and creativity 🙂! I believe this is one of the great motivators in the creativity process ~ finding something that we admire and value. It may be large or small, but it influences our creativity and expression of the ‘art’ we find fascinating. And we evolve to become better.

        The winter here in the States is in full swing, although, to be honest, I missed the big freeze we had over the holiday season as I was still in China, and I am happy about that 🙂. It will probably take a couple more weeks of cold, wintery weather before I begin dreaming of spring again… Wishing you a wonderful summertime, Mabel, and to the posts, you will bring to us throughout this year. Take care and enjoy ’23.


        • I think you said it really well: ‘It is clear that our passions have led us to focus on what we find interesting.’ Passion is such a powerful feeling and sometimes that may mean doing less of something to feel aligned with who we are, and certainly have more fun. Having fun is so important, especially with something like (personal) blogging. Mainstream does offer opportunities – and a lot of them – but at the end of the day, it is not for everyone.

          It is very kind of you to feel inspired by my writing, and photography. I always look at your photography and hope that one day our paths cross in person and you can take my photo 😄 Your photography speaks of such compelling stories and emotions on a whole other level. What we admire and value (and I guess more so what we value that is inherently important to us) is what grounds us. No matter large or small, it will inspire us to be who we are – reflected in our creativity.

          Enjoy what you can of winter, Randall. Spring will be there soon enough for you, and a good time to be venturing out again. You take care and enjoy the year ahead too 😊


          • As we get older, we understand better that the only one we need to make happy is ourselves and therefore work & hobbies become more enjoyable. We gravitate to things we not just enjoy but where we learn as well. And when the eventual failure comes our way, it may suck and be depressing, but the experience is fantastic, and we are off to try again. It will be great when our paths cross, I’m sure it will happen at some point, and there’ll be a lot to talk about and shoot 🙂 As for winter, I’m enjoying it more than expected ~ although I haven’t been out in freezing weather yet… and I think it is coming. Cheers to your creativity, and take care.


            • Very wise words, Randall. The more we enjoy the things that we do, the more we feel happy. It’s always the experience that makes us feel good, much more than the end result. Take care over there, and looking forward to seeing more photos and reading more words on your blog from you 😊


  38. Mabel, always a joy to read your posts, musings and reflections. I am blogging now in my twelfth year, and it has been ups and downs…but after starting in Swedish with poetry and thoughts on life and living, I then used my travels and photography for the blog. The friends I have met here and in real life means more to me than actual blogging now. We share our thoughts and where life takes us, and what we learn through the years. Since I retired, blogging friends are even more important.

    You have always been a favourite, Mabel, – organized and thought provoking. And all your friends and their comments are openers to mind and eye. You really have taken blogging to something valuable for others too! Well done – and Happy New Year!


  39. As always, you have a way of penetrating our, for lack of a better word, curious mind. For the most part, this blog resonated with me because I have been asking my self that very question. In hindsight, I can now say that has a lot to do with the sporadic decline of my interest in blogging so much so that even connecting or reconnecting to our then clique here back in the day became futile over the years.

    I woke up one day and saw that the place I now occupy in the blogosphere is in its non-essential layers, if I may. Reconnecting was also a real struggle, especially if it is apparent that the bloggers, except you of course, in that clique have already disconnected.

    This is why I am so thankful, Mabel, that you are still there. It is a fact to that one of the main reasons why I still cling on to this hobby is, appearances to the contrary, because you are still there.

    When everything became blurry, I had a deep thought about these discouraging circumstances like the great decline of my statistics. It was there that I found the basic reason why I still blog. And that is I still believe that the creative part of me needs to do it; it also matters to my mental health. I still feel at my happiest each time I get to publish a blog post. It is what matters.

    In my 12 year of blogging at this point, I can now say that as long as I still feel that kind of happiness, I need no other meaning of relevance but this.

    Happy New Year, Mabel! See you around and cheers 🙂


    • This is such a thoughtful, insightful and reflective comment, and one that is generously honest and full of heart. Thank you so much, Sony. I am always not sure what else to say when you speak, or write as we converse with each other, since you always bring the beauty and small things that matter to the forefront with your words – and make others feel important and that they matter.

      Twelve years is a long time to be blogging and your blog of travels and the experiences stemming from wanderlust is one to be admired. Naturally after blogging so long you do wonder if there is a point in blogging and your purpose with blogging, and alongside others in the blogging world too. Reconnecting can be hard here, especially when the landscape and familiar faces have changed. I think each of us evolves with how we blog just as how we evolve through the big and small things in life.

      Statistics and numbers can be important in that they can give us an idea of a circumstance. But there are also other factors that illuminate another perspective or what we really feel, and sometimes that involves asking ourselves what what works for you, what you want, why and what’s important and meaningful to you. I am glad to hear that blogging allows you to express your creativity and you feel a sense of happiness from that. You are a great photographer and thank you for sharing your photos along with your thoughts here, and on social media.

      Happy New Year to you too, Sony. Yes, see you around and take care 🙂

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  40. To answer the question, Mabel, I can’t remember how long I have been blogging exactly, but I think it’s slightly past a decade or so. The blog had undergone a revamp before, so the dates (as in when I actually started and the date the revamped blog started) might be a little fuzzy in my memory.

    The blogging journey’s been alright – partly because I treated it as an online journal rather than a blog per se, so whatever I posted involved huge snippets of my life in that particular period.

    In the recent years, I’ve sort of turned into an area where I can publish some short stories or poems that I did on the spur of the moment, aha.


    • That is a great achievement to be blogging over a decade or so, Ciana. Sounds like your blog has evolved over the years and throughout you don’t put pressure to blog a certain way but blog what you like.

      I remember following your blog a very long time ago. Can’t remember how I found your blog lol. But very glad we have connected. What I like about your blog and what you blog about is that what you share is always so down to earth – and I always find something I can relate with.

      Wishing you well for the year ahead 🙂


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  42. Mabel this summer we will have had the blog for 10 years. what a roller coaster it has been. From a personal diary to a business and perhaps back again. It is the connection to a community and meeting others virtually and in person around the world that has been most appealing to me. I smile at our time together those years ago. I’m not sure what lies ahead for us and our blog but I definitely have no regrets about starting one. What a fascinating journey it has been.


    • That is amazing your blog will turn 10 years soon. Congratulations on that milestone. Your blog has certainly taken you places near and wide, and it has been such a pleasure following along. I really enjoyed reading all about your travels and come along for the ride, and see how it evolved over the years. I so agree that the connection to community and meeting others is appealing, and makes this journey so special. Sometimes I think back to our time together and smile. Such an honour to have met you. You were so welcoming. Wherever your journey takes you ahead, hope you continue to have fun and take care, Sue 😊💕


  43. Ten years is amazing! Congrats! I had a couple of somewhat successful blogs, but closed both of them a couple of years back to focus on my family.

    I just started a new blog a few days ago, and I read and write mainly for honest human communication now 😊 Or at least that’s my aim!


    • Thank you. It sounds like you’ve went through different blogging cycles. Sometimes it’s a bit like that – you start something and a chapter closes, and then you move on to something else, sometimes another blog. Hope you enjoy blogging with your new blog 🙂


  44. Mabel, a superlative post reflecting on blogging and your experience within this world! Throughout the post I was nodding in agreement, for instance with your ‘ Not only was my blog a space for sharing my writing, it was a space that allowed me to experiment with self-expression and simply have fun.’ So true! Also the sense of community is incredible and genuine friendships have developed and been nurtured. Yes, I too have found that my blog has been a portfolio of my work for others to gain a quick opinion of my wiring, my work, and my interests.

    Personally blogging has never stopped evolving! From my initial aim to write purely about writing my first novel, I realised within a month that this was untenable and developed to so much more and yes, including my joy of photography as well as travel, and always books!

    Your blog is more relevant than ever – a voice of calm wisdom reflecting a multicultural society, providing an in-depth analysis of many themes and topics key to our lives.

    Congratulations on your 10-year blogging anniversary and here is to the next 10! xx😀❤️


    • What a thoughtful comment, Annika. Thank you for your kind words. There is certainly a sense of community here which is incredibly welcoming and accepting. That is lovely to hear that you developed genuine friendships along your journey of blogging. It is always wonderful to connect with others on here, especially when it leads to friendship and perhaps even meeting in real life. I always admired your blog – you’ve built it up over the years showcasing your writing, books, photography and sharing glimpses of your life, and you got a wonderful community over there.

      So agree that personal blogging has never stopped evolving. I do feel personal blogging is highly underrated and there’s so much one can get out of it. When you are passionate with what you blog about and genuinely engage with others, there is no guessing where blogging can lead to.

      I do the best with can with blogging. It’s been quite a ride and never thought I’d be blogging this long. Let’s see where this leads next. Again, thank you for the lovely words 😊💕

      Liked by 1 person

    • So wonderful to see you here. You know what, a couple of days ago I was wondering how and your blog were and was intending to visit. And then you showed up, oh the synchronicity 😄 All is well. A new year is certainly upon us., and thanks for the well wishes. Hope all is well with you too. Guessing you’ve been travelling and on the move.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Synchronicity indeed. Nice.
        Since the summer, I’ve only traveled to the coast here for a couple of weeks. We had visitors from my wife’s family. Gathered our daughters, grandsons and all relatives in a house on the beach we rented. Nice and quiet.
        Any plans for the new year?


        • It sounded like a quality time with quality people. Very, very nice. It’s always special when you get to see each other in person…so precious these days. Quiet is always good too. It will be a lot of writing this year it seems 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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