6 Ways To Avoid Celebrating Your Birthday

Our birthday comes around once a year. It’s a day that marks another year we have lived, another year we have experienced. Some of us see it as day to celebrate.

Some of us see it as a day to not celebrate, and last year I wrote about this in a post called 7 Reasons To Not Celebrate Your Birthday.



For those of us who have reason to not celebrate our birthday and don’t want a fuss on this day, we might not shout from the rooftops about turning a year older. We might even go to great lengths to avoid drawing attention to our birthday in a time where many think you should be entitled to some special treat.

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Why Mental Illness Is Stigmatised in Asian Cultures

Metal illness is usually a taboo topic many Asian cultures. It’s an unspoken topic that is stigmatised, shunned and hushed among many of stereotypical Asian background.

I was born in Australia to Chinese-Malaysian parents. No one in my family brought up the subject of mental health when I grew up. At some point in my adult life, I was diagnosed with anxiety.

Mental illness is one of life's curveballs, a time when you may feel alone | Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve.

Mental illness is one of life’s curveballs, a time when you may feel alone | Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve.

Anxiety is when you feel stressed or worried on an ongoing basis. There are many forms of anxiety, just as there are many kinds of mental illnesses such as depression, anorexia, substance addiction and bipolar disorder.

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How To Feel Less Stressed

A million things running through your mind. A million things you need to do. When you feel life is too much to handle, you stress.

When you stress, you worry about everything that’ll go wrong. Fret over how things might not get done in time. Feel over-worked.

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