This quote in How I’m Inspired To Call Myself Asian Australian was originally from an interview Lindsey Stirling gave to Vintage and Rare. This interview is no longer available online. However, I managed to save it on a Word doc a while back and here is the excerpt with the quote:

You competed on America’s Got Talent. Please tell us more about this experience.

[…] I quickly realised I couldn’t quit because someone told me I was no good; I could only quit if Lindsey thought that was the best thing. So I decided I would use that negative experience to propel me forward rather than bring me down. I made it my goal to prove Mr Morgan wrong. I am now a full time solo violinist and I am so happy. From this I learnt that we can’t live from the outside in, we must live from the inside out. Because the way I was being treated and the attention I was getting, I was on top of the world before I walked on the stage that night, but it only took one statement – from someone I’ve never even met – to shatter all of that and make me feel lower than I have ever felt in my life. We have to decide that we love ourselves and then turn to others to make them feel better rather than always searching for validation from others to make ourselves feel better.


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