Work with Mabel

I’m a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia, and have been offering writing and editing services for over seven years.

I have helped satisfied clients with their business objectives, publications and career goals. I produce original, high quality articles and written content for my clients that meet their individual needs.

While the focus of this blog is about culture, my extensive experience in research and persuasive writing techniques has given me the skills to write about anything.

You can view some of my portfiolio here.

What I can do

  • Create unique content tailored for the right audience, making you and your content stand out.
  • Clearly communicate your vision and get your message across.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in written content, providing constructive feedback on how you can improve.

Services I offer

  • Drafting, editing and proof-reading articles, manuscripts and academic papers.
  • Gathering, analysing and evaluating resources for publications.
  • Feedback on resume, cover letter and selection criteria documents.
  • Licenses to my photography works.

I take on freelance writing projects for a flat rate per project. Rates vary depending on the complexity and length of assignment.

Working with me is a flexible, collaborative process involving insightful discussions. We can work together in line your aims, scope and time frames – and I am happy to take on short or long term assignments.

Contact me on my Contact page to enquire about working with me.