Work With Mabel

I’m a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been offering professional writing and editing services for over eight years.

If you’re a writer, author or someone who is stuck and unsure of how to articulate your ideas, wanting to appeal to your audience with your words or trying to find your writer’s voice, then I can help you.

Imagine if you could

  • Communicate clear, concise messages all throughout your written work that people will remember
  • Tell a story or pitch from your point of view that is convincing and make your audience believe in what you have to say
  • Produce written work that speaks to and connects with your audience and meets their needs, and they come back for more from you
  • Achieve completeness and flow in your words and take your craft to the next level, feeling a sense of accomplishment about your work

That’s what I can help you achieve. A good piece of writing can help you be a better writer and stand out in your field.

My background in media communications has honed my persuasive writing techniques and applied research expertise, enabling me to craft articulate, high quality written content – content tailored to meet your specific needs. Combined with my experience working with people from diverse backgrounds to reach targeted demographics and ongoing personal development in non-fiction writing, I’m impeccable at creating written work that appeals to niche, specific audiences.

I’ve helped satisfied private clients fine tune their written work including books, blog posts, academic research papers, online articles and digital platforms. You can view some of my previous work and portfolio here. You can also check out this multicultural blog which has a highly engaged global audience.

What I offer

  • Content editing and manuscript evaluation
  • Writing critique, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your written work and providing constructive feedback on how you can improve
  • Proof-reading your final draft
  • Analysing and evaluating the suitability and credibility of resources you want included in your written piece
  • Licenses to my photography works

What it’s like working with me

Prior to formally working with me, we’ll have a free one-on-one consultation to discuss your vision, goals and desired outcomes. This will help me understand how I can help you, and help you decide if I’m a good fit working with you.

If you decide to work with me, we can map out the scope of what you want to achieve, set regular check-ins and time frames. You’ll be asked to sign a legal contractual agreement – this is to ensure we are both committed to collaboration and outcomes.

I take on writing projects for a flat rate per project. Rates vary depending on the complexity and length of assignment.

My approach is a combination of thought-out strategy and intuitive guidance. I’ll be straightforward and upfront of what I feel can work. At the same time I’ll respect your opinion if I disagree with it. I’ll also think outside the box and make suggestions taking into account what suits your personality, brand and values, making sure you’re genuinely represented through your words, work and what you stand for.

To work with me, contact me via my Contact page.

What others have said

‘Great job! Quality work and great person to work with.’

‘Mabel is a gem! She works efficiently and diligently.’

‘Very professional freelancer. Great work and attitude.’

‘Par excellence work. Can work with minimal supervision. ‘

‘Mabel is very easy to work with. With little supervision, she was able to do the task beyond expectation. Will definitely hire her again.’