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A random selection of the most commented and liked articles I’ve written on this blog to date (February 2016).

What Does It Mean To Be An Asian Australian Writer And Artist?

Why Having An Ethnic Name Is Annoying But Something To Be Proud Of

When And Why Do We Trust Strangers? And Why Some Asians Don’t Often Trust

Why Some Asians Are Short. Why I Don’t Mind Being Short

Picking Up An Asian Girl. Being Asian Australian

Why We Are Afraid Of Standing Up Against Racism?

Just What Is Australia’s National Dish? There Really Isn’t One

Why We Eat Together At Home. And The Importance Of It

Why Asians Don’t Say “I Love You” To Their Parents

Why We Love Eating Instant Noodles

Hi, I’m Asian. Come In, Leave Your Shoes On. Or Not

How I Came To See ‘Whiteness’ As Just Ordinarily Beautiful


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