Do Asian Stereotypes Get Old?

Last week, the YOMOMF Network’s YouTube video “How To Be More Asian” began doing the rounds on social media. In this video, we see two Caucasian entertainment managers attempting to persuade two Asian actors to act “more Asian”. Accompanied by a catchy tune, the Asian actors try to do so and in the process show their affection for Hello Kitty tattoos and eating sushi off naked bodies. At the end of the video, the Caucasians walk away fazed by such “bizarre” behaviour.

Yet another piece of media that showcases Asian stereotypes in a humourous manner.

Is the video racist?

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Asians In Australian Media. Or Rather, The Lack Thereof

Fact: Australia is a multicultural country, a multicultural country where roughly 2.4 million of the population today comprises residents of Asian – Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino etc. – ethnicity.

Fact: There is a lack of Asian faces in Australian mainstream media.

Billboard in Melbourne's Chinatown. Caucasians tend to be featured over ethnic minorities within local tv & radio programs, ads, magazines etc,. Photo: Mabel Kwong.

Billboard in Melbourne’s Chinatown. Caucasians tend to be featured over those of ethnic background within local tv & radio programs, ads, magazines etc.. Photo: Mabel Kwong.

Given Australia’s ever growing Asian population, it would be expected for Asian faces and representations to be constantly featured in local media, showcasing the true make-up and diversity of Australia to the public and the rest of the world.

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