Favourite Posts

Some of my favourite posts I’ve written on this blog:


What Does It Mean To Be An Asian Australian Writer And Artist
(This post is my all time favourite).

How I’m Inspired To Call Myself Asian Australian

When And Why Do We Trust Strangers? And Why Some Asians Don’t Often Trust

Hi, I’m Asian. I Don’t Drink Because I Can

How And Why I Was A Victim Of “Racism Towards One’s Own Race”

Culture and Stereotypes

How To Shatter And Challenge Cultural Stereotypes In The Creative Sense

Why Having An Ethnic Name Is Annoying But Something To Be Proud Of

Why Some Of Us Are Shy

When To Ask The “Where Are You From?” Question

Why Are We Afraid Of Standing Up Against Racism?

Why We Eat Together At Home. And The Importance Of It

When Is It Okay To Wear Cultural Costumes?


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