Hi, I’m Mabel.

I’m a writer. Blogger. And more.

On this blog you’ll find my thoughts about multiculturalism and what it means to be Asian in Australia. This blog is also a space where I share my passion for writing with you.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, to Chinese-Malaysian migrant parents. For a decade, I lived in Malaysia and Singapore, finishing school in Asia before moving back to Melbourne. It’s where I’m based right now. Today in countless situations, I always find myself transitioning between adopting a persona favouring the Chinese values that I’ve been brought up with and a persona that takes on the Australian / Western mindset.

Me and Link from The Legend of Zelda. Trying to pick a fight with me. Photo credit: Casting Witch

Me and Link from The Legend of Zelda. He’s trying to pick a fight with me. Photo credit: Casting Witch

Having lived in different countries, I’ve learnt to appreciate differences around us. Different cultures make the world so much more interesting. Meeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds, you learn to see things from different perspectives.

I’ve always believed that it takes an open mind to facilitate conversations with people of different cultures and ethnicities. We all have different opinions, play different roles and are unique in our own ways – none of us has the all the answers to every question. In fact, the world and every culture around us are constantly changing. The least we can do is listen and learn from the voices around us.

Look inwards, find and love yourself. Then look outwards, learn from the world.

Look inwards, find and love yourself. Then look outwards, learn from the world.

My interests include: Asian traditions, multiculturalism, diasporas, stereotypes, the social sciences and ethnic community radio – all of which I write about on this blog. On the subject of radio, previously I was SYN Media’s (90.7FM) Radio Programming Manager and produced / presented shows for their program Asian Pop Night. Previously I was keen on working in the media. These days, not anymore; I’ve decided it’s not a career for me.

My city, Melbourne. Birrarung Marr, Yarra River.

My city, Melbourne. Birrarung Marr, Yarra River.

Outside of this blog, I work a 9-5 office job to pay the bills. Pretty ordinary. I also am putting together my first book which will be about finding confidence as an Asian Australian and a creative artist. Aside from that, I:

  • Play video games (Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon)
  • Listen to music (Lindsey Stirling, Florence and the Machine, Avril Lavigne)
  • Read
  • Arrange and tidy my stuffed monkey collection
  • Experiment with photography, in particular long exposure photography

Welcome to my blog and my world of writing and photography. Let’s discover more about each other, one discussion at a time.

Updated January 2017.


308 thoughts on “About

  1. First, thanks for the follow. Second, I like you!!! We have several things in common so that explains my three “!” before this sentence 🙂 Plus, I’ve always liked the way you engage in discussions over at Lani’s blog. I know it’s safe to say you are much younger than me, judging by looks alone, but I feel quite a maturity in you. Good luck on your book 😀


  2. Your blog is quite refreshing!
    I love to read about your perspective as an Asian Australian, as I believe that not many people are aware about that.
    I have a question if I may ask. How come you spent overseas in Malaysia and Singapore for school?
    It honestly sounds amazing, and I do quite envy you!
    I wish I was raised for a significant time either in Burma or Thailand.
    Did you accent changed a lot when you came back to Oz?


    • Thank you so much, Suaylia. You are very kind and thank you so much for reading 🙂

      My family was the “parachute” kind of family, with my dad traveling a lot of for work. So, my family got to live in Singapore and Malaysia when I was a kid, and even when we moved around within these countries quite a bit.

      As for my accent, it has always been evolving. These days, in some situations I sound more Australian than Malaysian and vice-versa in other situations. But when I think in my head, it’s mostly Malaysian.

      Your background sounds very interesting and unique, and you must have your own unique story to tell 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Mabel
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, appreciated. I noticed the alignment of the stars when framing the shot, so tried to include as much of the sky without cropping too much of the road. Considered using a wider angle lens, but thought it would reduce the scale of the mountain, so stayed with the 24mm instead :-):-).


  4. Hello,AmazingBlog You have,very happy to be here,hey please if you have some time take a look on my site and tell me what You think about my photos,i appreciate ,not much people visit me because my photos is weak ? i want to know Your opinion ,if You can tell somebody , tell friends about me about me i do not want to die in silence of art , Take care good soul


        • I am not one for lies and believe honesty takes us far. I have followed your blog for a while and love your close ups and nature photography. It is evident you put a lot of work and more importantly passion into your art. Personally, I believe success lies not in our popularity and views but by what we choose to do that makes us happy.

          Liked by 1 person

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