Hi, I’m Mabel.

On this blog you’ll find my thoughts about multiculturalism, diasporas and what it means to be an Asian person living in Australia.

I’m a person of Chinese ethnicity residing in Melbourne. I always find myself transitioning between adopting a persona favouring Chinese values that I’ve been brought up with and a persona that takes on the Australian/Western mindset.

Having lived abroad in multicultural cities such as Singapore and Malaysia, I’ve come to appreciate differences around us. Meeting and interacting with people of various races is always an eye-opening experience – I learn to see issues from new perspectives.

Different cultures make our world so rich and vibrant. A wide range of ethnic food, fashion and cinema as well as languages usually makes life all the more interesting. There’s just so much to see, try and explore in this colourful world.

I believe it takes an open mind to facilitate conversations with people of different ethnicities. Personally, I feel that if a person is open to new cultures, they’ll seem more approachable to others around them regardless of race. Also, we all have different perspectives and come from different backgrounds – no one of us has the all the answers to every question. In fact, the world and the cultures around are constantly changing. The least we can do is state our opinion and listen to the other voices and ideas around us.

Me and my hero Link from The Legend of Zelda. He's picking a fight with me. Photo: Replacing Ink.

Me and my hero Link from The Legend of Zelda. He’s picking a fight with me. Photo: Replacing Ink.

My interests include: Asian cultures, multiculturalism, diaporas, ethnic community radio, hybrid cuisine, languages and the social sciences.

I am/have been involved in:

  • Freelance writer
  • Producing and presenting programs on Asian Pop Night, SYN Media (90.7FM)
  • SYN 90.7FM’s Radio Programming Manager

In my spare time, I:

  • Play video games (Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon)
  • Listen to pop and classical music (Lindsey Stirling, Florence and the Machine, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Beethoven)
  • Read
  • Explore new places with a camera in hand

Updated April 2015.

206 thoughts on “About

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  2. Your blog is quite interesting. I’ve enjoyed browsing and reading some of your work including your ‘About’ page. Thank you for stopping by my art and photography blog and leaving such a nice comment. It’s a plasure to meet you. : )


    • Thank you very much, Isadora. I’ve always admired others who are into photography and any form of visual art. Each piece is always different with a different story behind it – I enjoy trying to pick the story apart, and sometimes that inspires me to write.

      Glad that we’ve connected and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work :)


  3. Hi Mabel! I had never stopped before to read your About page and.. what a blast! I like your way of seeing things and I find it really inspiring. Where in China are you from? And how old are you, if I may ask? :) Keep blogging amazing stuff!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Thatiana. I’m acnts are from Malaysia and I grew up there (and Singatually from Australia, living in Melbourne. My parepore) when I was younger. As for my age, that will remain a mystery…though I’d say a lot of people guess I am young and they are right :D

      Thank you for your nice words, and hope to see you again!


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  5. Hi M – love that photo of you with Zelda – my youngest son used to have a Zelda costume and it was his fav character for a long while…
    have a nice day – and oh yea, I like your blog!!!


      • Have a funny store about the Link costume we made for my son – mind you his was almost 4 and quite tenacious. We had just moved across the country and it was March – he was asking for the Link costume to wear to a chuck-e-cheese party- which they did not sell at that time – also, I had two tubs full of misc. costumes – but no….. had to be Link.

        so we went to a fabric store and piece-mealed it together – I can sew pretty well – but this thing was whipped up with no pattern and in a couple hours – it really was whipped together – he did the belt and tucked in this sword…

        we arrived to chuck-e-cheese that afternoon and right as we walk in – the two greeters (older teens) were like “Hey, look it’s Link.” they high-fived him – and well, it was a success! and so it really was fun to come here and read your passion for Zelda – :) <3
        oh memory lane


        • Lol. Had to be Link. Your son was very persistent. Lovely to hear his friends were convinced he was Link – all thanks to you! I bet he looks fondly back at this moment in time :)

          I wish I had more time to play Zelda and video games these days. The things you do for what you love.

          Liked by 1 person

          • well I never played Zelda – but I do like a few games from N64 – like Starfox! but not my area for sure. – oh and the teens that recognized him as link were not really friends – cos my son was 4 years old – but when they identified him it was the validation we needed – anyhow, hope u have a great day M :) <3


              • :) well if I ever get a chance to play Zelda I will come back to this post! and sometimes at b-day parties people will set up all these old systems for the kids to play – and once I played the old 1990’s Donkey Kong game… ha

                Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey! You have very interesting blog and I like it very much! A lot of colorful photos and very clever articles! I’m glad to meet you in my blog too! If you like fashion or music, come! Good luck! And I hope to see you in my blog. -Vlad


  7. Hello!
    Before I continue, I should probably warn you that this is probably really off-topic! I’m just a typical high school student from Hong Kong, struggling to pick subjects, etc. for career choices.
    What inspired you to become who (or what you do, for that matter) you are today? Any advice for those (or should I say, me!) who are struggling to pick something out there?
    If you went to university/college, what degree did you go for?

    Love the header by the way! Spent a long time (wayy too long!) staring at the globe, wondering what the place marked as “?” was! (Later figured out it was Australia, as said by the text on the header… you can tell my geography is pretty bad!)


    • I’m not much of an advice person since I don’t have all the answers in the world. Then again, no one does! When I went to university, I did an arts degree, majoring in Cultural Studies and Applied Maths – two very different fields, yes. My teachers always told me, “Do what you love”. I’ve always loved writing and that makes me happy, so why not do it and that inspires me to blog and write what I write, juggling it alongside a day job. Personally I reckon there’s a fine line between following your dreams and being realistic…but no reason why we can’t have both.

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it. The header was designed by a talented artist called Pinodesk.


  8. Mabel, I love your cover image <3 My friend has experienced severe vulnerary from racism. She has come back to our homeland, I must present your blog to her, it might be great help.


  9. Hi Mabel, You appear to be a smart woman, I enjoyed reading your about page, it was so ‘from the heart’ and I can see you are a positive bright person, interested in life and analytical of your surrounds in a open minded way. I feel so parallel to your thoughts here. I find many Australian men are tied up with stereotypical thoughts of the world around them and as a result they are quite boring to converse with. I like your style and I am interested in different cultures. I find meeting someone new and different is very stimulating and both people can grow. Great work.


    • Thanks for the nice words, David. A little positivity can go a long way. Each culture – and personality – brings with it their own perspective and we can all learn something with that. So definitely agree with you that we can grow from meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it.


    • Thank you, Uday, for the nice words and the encouragement. Writing has always been my passion. Photography is something I discovered recently. I love your photos and am looking forward to getting inspiration from you :)


  10. I’m an American living in Britain–not as dramatic a mix as yours but eye-opening anyway. It’s given me a sharpened appreciation of what my immigrant grandparents must have faced.


    • Thanks, Ellen. The States and Britain/UK are certainly two very different continents and I’m sure you’ve seen – and experienced – the best and worst of both worlds. Delighted to have connected.


  11. Hi Mabel! I truly enjoyed reading your posts on topics – we’re aware of – but rarely talk about. :) As travellers, we’re often asked similar questions (where your from, are you vegetarian etc..) or are placed into a cultural-slot stereotype. Oddly, although the language maybe different, we are asked similar questions when we travel in our home country (India). That’s the flip-side of having travelled or experienced multiple worlds.It opens your mind and makes you a hybrid of what cultural-make-up you might have been exposed to and the cultures you’ve experienced. But, on the outside, people would still prefer to categorize you on the basis of a pre-conceived (comfortable) cultural slot. Popular Media doesn’t help either.
    Look forward to reading more posts! Your writing style is simple, honest, and truly enjoyable to read. It makes difficult topics a lot easier reading. :)


    • It’s interesting to hear you and Basil get asked similar questions like me when you travel. Most of the time, I’m inclined to think people are simply curious about where we’ve been. It starts to get nosy when they ask a lot of personal questions, though :D Hybrid cultural make-up, I like how you say it. That is so many of us these days.

      Thanks for your nice words. I love your blog too Gorgeous photos and anecdotes of where you have visited, and I’m looking forward to visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the nomination, Leya. You are very kind. I love the whole concept behind this “Premio Dardos” award. Will put a link to your stuff on my Awards page shortly – but first I am looking forward to reading the other blogs you nominated soon. Once again, thank you :)


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  13. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. While working on a rap song about taking off one’s shoes, I came across your post on the topic. Forty minutes later, here I am, completely enthralled! As an Asian American (Chinese mother, Caucasian father), I resonate with many of your thoughts on multiculturalism. I can’t wait to read more of your work. 加油!


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