Hi, I’m Mabel.

On this blog you’ll find my thoughts about multiculturalism, diasporas and what it means to be an Asian person living in Australia.

I’m a person of Chinese ethnicity residing in Melbourne. I always find myself transitioning between adopting a persona favouring Chinese values that I’ve been brought up with and a persona that takes on the Australian/Western mindset.

Having lived abroad in multicultural cities such as Singapore and Malaysia, I’ve come to appreciate differences around us. Meeting and interacting with people of various races is always an eye-opening experience – I learn to see issues from new perspectives.

Different cultures make our world so rich and vibrant. A wide range of ethnic food, fashion and cinema as well as languages usually makes life all the more interesting. There’s just so much to see, try and explore :)

I believe it takes an open mind to facilitate conversations with people of different ethnicities. Personally, I feel that if a person is open to new cultures, they’ll seem more approachable to others around them regardless of race.

Me and my favourite video game character Link from The Legend of Zelda. He's picking a fight with me. Photo: Replacing Ink.

Me and my favourite video game character Link from The Legend of Zelda. He’s picking a fight with me. Photo: Replacing Ink.

My interests include: Asian cultures, diasporas, multiculturalism, ethnic community radio, hybrid cuisine, languages and the social sciences.

I am/have been involved in:

  • Freelance writer
  • Producing and presenting programs on Asian Pop Night, SYN Media (90.7FM)
  • SYN 90.7FM’s Radio Programming Manager

In my spare time, I:

  • Play video games (Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon)
  • Listen to pop and classical music (Lindsey Stirling, Kodaline, Beethoven)
  • Read
  • Explore new places

Updated 24 April 2014.

126 thoughts on “About

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    • Thank you so much for nominating me! I feel flattered! I’ve been meaning to address them in a separate post, but have been busier than usual of late. But will get around to it :)


    • Thanks, OM! The project was more than I expected in terms of the number of people who participated, and the insightful thoughts on the topic of the right to an opinion. Everyone has been very warm and friendly towards Project O.


    • Thanks for stopping by! Do you remember the name of the French blog? A lot of times, I do think being Asian Australian or an Asian who was brought up in a Western environment is frustrating on many fronts. These days, I’ve learned to laugh at such tribulations and just be myself.


      • It is a French blog about cooking biscuits (in French, but I could tell it’s about biscuits as the word is “biscuite” something and there are pictures of biscuits) and I only found it, as it had a blogroll link on the right which had my site and yours. But I don’t remember it now, as I clicked on it from my REFERRERS list on WP. If you’re really keen, maybe you could do a search on FRENCH BISCUITE MABEL WONG???!!!


    • Thanks, Beth! That’s very interesting to hear you’re half Asian and half Caucasian. I’m sure you have your own unique cultural experiences too. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around :)


  4. What an absolute pleasure to meet you Mabel, thank you so much for coming over to my blog and for the follow, and now I’ve found your blog, what could be better! I love to learn about different cultures and I just know I’m going to love reading your blog for so many reasons.
    Being English (one-quarter Irish though!) and then living in California with a Mexican-Greek-American husband (now ex unfortunately) and raising my three children there I am all about diversity!
    I have to say though I just love the photo of you with Link! My kids grew up playing Zelda and my daughter (21) was absolutely obsessed with it. She still loves it. Her favourite character is Link. So much so that I made her a Link outfit for Halloween one year (out of clothes we already had!). You can see the pic here in this link if you’d like: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2013/10/30/the-call-of-the-vixen-fox-and-a-handmade-halloween/
    I know she looks more like Robin Hood but oh well, she was happy! Oh, and she loves Pokemon and Mario too. Our home was filled with the sounds of all these games for years!!! So you have brought back many happy memories for me too! Thank you so much!
    So lovely to meet you Mabel, I really look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog :-) – Sherri x


    • It is defintely a pleasure to meet you, Sherri. I’m so glad we connected and it seems that we have writing in common. We write about different things but that’s the beauty in writing – to share and tell stories. I love how positive you are, and how much positivity comes out of the blog posts you weave. I used to be a very negative person but then realised that it was getting me no where. Being upbeat comes hope, and with hope, anything is possible.

      What an interesting background you have, and what a culturally colourful family you have there. It must’ve been never boring in your household with a lot of cultures to look to and learn from.

      Thanks so much about the photo! And I feel warm and fuzzy when you mention Link and Zelda. And Pokemon and Mario. You daughter makes a good link! A very convincing one indeed in the photo on your blog. Someday I want to dress up as Link too. I think you deserve the title of “Honorary Gamer” :)


      • Ha Ha! I love that, ‘Honorary Gamer’! I’ll tell my daughter that, she’ll love it :-)
        I’m so pleased that you see positives in my posts. I do believe that hope is everything. If we lose hope we are truly lost and that is the most awful thing to experience.
        Have a lovely weekend Mabel and I’m dancing around so happy with my new title, thank you :-)


        • Hahaha! I’m sure that you’re very well acquainted with video game music and you can easily tell which song belongs to which video game! So you deserve to be called ‘Honorary Gamer’ though you don’t really play! In the last couple of years, I started playing video games again. Every time I lost, say a boss fight, I would restart the game, try again and win the game. No question about it. And I guess my positivity today stems from that. When we’re down, if we pick ourselves up and work hard, who knows what will happen :)


          • Actually I used to play with the kids many years ago. My favourite is Super Mario and it would take me ages to get past the boss but my daughter especially is a whizz at it! You are right, it certainly does teach tenacity and not to give up! And yes, I know those songs so very well. The theme to Zelda particularly ;-)


        • I can’t believe this, you’re just like me – I mostly play a DS too! :) I have told myself to stay away from getting a Wii console because if I do, I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing video games. Always loved Nintendo too, having started out with GameBoy and never looked back. Very nice to meet you, Katie.


  5. Hi Mabel! I found your blog through A Holistic journey. (I only found that a few weeks back, and I’m so glad I did. I’m one of those old, dull and boring Caucasian Aussies who really enjoys meeting and getting to know people of other ethnicity and cultures and sometimes I feel so embarrassed at the attitudes expressed by others. My little bit towards helping is by tutoring in English as a second language..it also helps me learn more about other cultures and languages.
    GO girl!


    • Hello Maureen! Very nice to meet your acquaintance. No one’s ever too dull in my opinion. Not only do we comes from different cultures and are of different heritage, we have different personalities and tastes too, which usually makes for interesting getting-to-know you conversations. Very nice to hear you tutor ESL, you must meet a lot of students all over the world and I’m sure they’re very eager to learn from you and about Australia.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I absolutely love connecting with Aussie bloggers, haven’t seen too much of them around :)


  6. 2 separate unrelated blogs pointed me to you. On the same day, in the same hour. The blogosphere isn’t a small world, and yet!
    Happy to have found u:)


  7. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I really like the topics you are talking about on your blog, being myself a lifelong traveler. Multiculturalism is probably the most enriching thing we have today. Thanks for writing about it


    • Thanks for the nice words, Nathalie. Multiculturalism and culture is definitely enriching and interesting. From these topics not only do we learn about others, but we also learn a bit more about ourselves.

      I’m glad I stopped by your blog. Lovely photos and you’ve got very creative interpretations! I’ve been getting into photography over the past few months and hope to learn more about it :)


    • Thanks for reading my story over there. Glad you found it interesting. Learning about different cultures is always refreshing and surprising. And thanks for stopping by my blog, too.


    • Thanks, Monkeys. Noticed that one monkey is indeed Asian-Oz. Being Asian Oz, it’s challenging and surprising, but overall a very interesting and never dull experience. Which is what this blog is all about :)


  8. Hi Mabel, I totally agree with you for I, too lived in many places: HongKong, MiddleEast, Europe, Africa and finally, here in the U.S. I believe that travelling/living abroad enriches oneself and widens horizons. Thank you for visiting my blog that brought me here.


    • Sounds like you’ve moved around a bit, Lola. Living in many places, it’s always fun and you never know what to expect with each new place you traverse. I see you’re a bit of a photographer on your blog, really nice photos you have. Photography is something I’ve always wanted to improve on, so thanks for sharing your photos. Glad we’ve connected :)


    • Thanks so much for the nomination, Aanchal! I am flattered and I will put a link to the nomination on one of my blog pages.

      Keep blogging, and looking forward to hearing more travel stories from you :)


  9. just read your article about slow aging process of Asians. it has been educational and inspirational, im also into study about race and multiculturalism, so i guess i gonna stay tuned for your blogs.


  10. Good day Mabel, I want to invite you to go on a virtual journey with me and other bloggers. I am going to do the post on Monday the 11th August and I want you to join the journey on Monday the 1st September. http://irisgreenwald.wordpress.com/ Iris started the journey and now I’ve been invited by Scrapydo at http://scrapydo.wordpress.com/ ! This journey is only in its baby shoes, but I think reading about how others work will be interesting! There are four questions to answer with photo or what ever you want. If you accept this invitation I’ll send all the information. Hope you want to join if you haven’t done this already!


    • Congrats on getting tagged for the Virtual Tour, Leya! You write well and share great photos, and I’m not surprised people want to find out about your writing process.

      I’ve actually been tagged to do this recently, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Not too sure when I’ll do it but certain it will be before the year’s out. Thanks so much for thinking of me, I am flattered :) I don’t mind being tagged again, but I don’t know when to do it. The time will come. It’s okay if you want to tag someone else too :)


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  12. Hey Mabel, Your name is so beautiful and unique! ^_^
    Love the sweet introduction of yours, I too love to communicate with people from different communities and countries, Diversity is what makes us Human.
    I’m not a big gamer, but sure I’ll join you in exploring new place and of course music so gonna stick around here !
    I’m from Pakistan by the way and it was really nice to meet you here. See you more often from now on. With Love,
    Zee <3


    • Awww, what a compliment on my name. Thank you so much ^^’

      So true. Diversity is what makes us human. Diversity is also what makes us different – we are all different at the end of the day so we really should respect differences and not bring each other down.

      You really should try gaming…if you can. But even if you don’t like games that’s cool with me. Everyone has their own hobbies that they do and share. You’re the first blogger I’ve met on here who’s from Pakistan! I’ve followed your blog, and hope to stop by soon. Lots of love back to you <3

      p.s. Zee. That's a lovely name. Rolls off the tongue nicely.


      • Oh I would try gaming If I could, I get too caught up in studies, I’m in medical so it gets very tough and hectic. That I don’t even have time for blogging anymore. I’ve just been out of hiatus, as I have holidays for a months then my new semester will start and it would be the same routine for next 6 months…

        I’ll be looking forward to your visit, whenever you have time. Cheers to new found friendships on this blgosphere ! ^.^

        Thank you about the name, Though it’s just a nick name and a name to conceal my identity as I blog anonymously. My real name is pretty long but I like it :)

        See you soon Mabel <3


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  14. Hi Mabel! I stumbled across your blog and am intrigued by your bio and posts. Good job celebrating diversity and writing from such an encouraging and inclusive angle. Your Freshly Pressed post about “whiteness” really resonated with me – it’s something that I’ve struggled with from time to time, and yes, have spent thousands of dollars buying beauty products that make me “lighter and whiter”. Your post was a good reminder to be happy with our natural looks.
    Though have zero skill with video games, I plan to live vicariously through you.
    Keep writing!


    • Thanks for the very nice and encouraging words, Pixie. They put a smile on my face. Yes, we really should be happy with our natural looks. We could use every second that we focus on changing the colour of our skin to doing something else – something we love, helping others or learning about another culture.

      That is interesting to hear you say I write from an “…inclusive angle”. First time I’ve heard that. I do try to make my writing simple to understand.

      I’m not a very good video gamer, to be honest. I take my time to finish a game. Once again, thanks for the nice words, and for stopping by :)


    • Thanks for this, Swav. That is very kind of you. I am very flattered and humbled to receive this award. I will put up a link to your blog on my page soon :) Looking forward to checking out your blog more in the near future. Keep on painting :)


  15. Interesting blog you have here! :) I’m Korean Canadian, but grew up in Canada. Didn’t experience any outright racism (Canadians are very tolerant and nice people), but def felt different there. You wanna know the really funny thing though? I moved back to Korea 5 years ago, and I have never felt less Korean than I do here. It’s a very weird phenomenon. ;)


    • Thanks, Shelley, for stopping by. I really appreciate. I hope you’ve settled into life in Korea. Sounds like it has it’s surprises and that’s always a good thing :) Racism can happen anywhere in the world and in places where you least expect it. Sometimes we may be the victim, sometimes even the perpetrator without even realising it. Interesting travel blog you have there. I will drop by sometime soon :)


    • Thanks for stopping by, guys. What a multicultural couple the two of you are. It sounds like the both of you have had many cross-cultural adventures together. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing what you get up too on your blog soon :)

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Its delighting to see you holding on to both sides of your heritage. It is a tough job at best. I am German, but my roots are Pakistani, I think I can look forward to relating to your posts. But for starters, I totally dig Programming and Public speaking has been a big bane of my life. Cheers :)


  17. Hi Mabel, thank you for passing by belgianstreets, thought I would drop in, having spent some time in Australia, and working with and communicating with every part of society through my work, it is interesting to read your views…


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